Friday, July 20, 2012

Are You Appreciating Your Partner Enough?


  [uh-pree-shee-ey-shuhn]  Show IPA
gratitude; thankful recognition: They showed their appreciationby giving him a gold watch.
the act of estimating the qualities of things and giving themtheir proper value.
clear perception or recognition, especially of aestheticquality: a course in art appreciation.

Are you giving your partner enough appreciation?  Does your partner work hard, give you support, are they a great lovers, do they bring amazing romance to your relationship, these are just a few of the reasons to appreciate your partner.  In today's society I don't think couples appreciate each other enough, not say they don't love each other but that they don't take the time to realize what their partner does for their relationship.  Today is a great day to start appreciating your partner, sit and think about all the wonderful things he/she does and then make sure to celebrate them tonight.

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