Friday, June 29, 2012

Remember Your Love

Sometimes it is hard to remember back to when you first started your relationship or got married.  If you are in a long term relationship, you most likely remember the start of your relationship, but it gets lost in all the daily events that go on.  This little post will help your love remember those times and will bring a smile to his/her face.  

First of all, find a photo of the two of you when you got married or early in your relationship.  Scan that picture and without your partner knowing save it as the background on his/her computer screener iPhone/iPod/iPad.  Then the next time he/she uses that item a reminder of those days gone by will be right there.  You can do this little exercise as often as you like changing the picture so that you both can relive those happy days in your past and make plans on creating more of them.  

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