Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Naked Hug

Hugs are beautiful and warming, but as a couple when is the last time you experienced one totally naked?  Now I am not talking about one right before you enjoy a night of passionate intimacy.  I am talking about a hug just for hugs' sake.  Maybe it is in the morning before you both start to get ready for work or maybe you both just strip down and spend a few moments in each other's arms with nothing between the two of you -feeling just your skin touching each other.  

Make your naked hug last.  This hug allows your bodies to blend together and feel the warmth that forms between the two of you.  Sure it might get a little exciting for the both of you and you can act on that excitement if you wish, but don't take away from the hug.  Allow time for your hug to spread the love it was meant to, feel the parts of your partner's body that are normally covered and allow yourself to get caught up in the love between the two of you.  


photo from creative commons

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  1. What a difference being naked makes in a hug. It allows pure energy to flow between the us. I didn't realize how much our clothes tamped this down.