Monday, May 7, 2012

Sad Fact : 4 Minutes Is All Most Couples Get

It is estimated that between work, kids, internet, hobbies, sleep, and home and family responsibilities that the average couples spends an average of only 4 minutes alone together each day.

This got me thinking and I know that we spend more than that alone together.  However, I challenge you today to make note of the actual time you spend together alone.  You might be surprised how little time alone you are together.  Once you figure out how much time you have to enjoy each others company on a daily basis talk between yourselves and see what you can do to change it and allow more alone time for the two of you.  Maybe you stay up a half hour later, or plan out nights you can use a babysitter to help the two of you gain some alone time, or even just get out of the house and sit outside while the kids are playing inside.

Sure if you don't have kids it is easier to spend time together but why wait until the kids are grown and gone to start this habit.  Heck with only 4 minutes a day by the time the kids are grown you might not know each other at all.  Take the time today and start making the shift, this act will also help start you kids in the right direction for when they enter into a relationship.

Peace and Love,

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