Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Make Some Money As A Couple

Most couples could use a little extra money.  Wouldn't it be nice just to have extra cash to go out and eat on or take a vacation without dipping into your finances?  Problems however come in as you try to find time to do this.  Putting extra time into a part time job doesn't allow much time for your relationship to thrive.  Well what if the two of you find something you can do together to achieve this extra money?

There are countless numbers of things the two of you could work on together that are very simple.   Things such as having a garage sale, mowing the neighbors lawns, or doing simple repairs.  If you keep an eye on your local paper some people will pay for simple help and advertise in the paper.  Other things you could do would be create crafts, candles, or paintings to sale at local festivals.   Use you creative side and have fun together while you are doing this.  

You might even be able to find something using technology to achieve this extra money.  What ever you find if the two of you can enjoy doing it together that extra money will be even sweeter.

- Rob - 

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