Thursday, May 17, 2012

Love Shared Til The End

I stumbled across this photo on the internet and looking deep into the picture I see two people that obviously loved each other very deeply.  So much so that as the end approached for them they found comfort in each others arms.  I am not sure if they new that whatever happened was coming or if it was a surprise.  Which ever way the end came for these lovers the support was there.  

Many might look at this picture and think it was sad or that posting it was in bad taste.  I however see the beauty in that these two individuals must have found safety in staring into each others eyes for their final moments.  I see a love that must have been powerful and a love that was shared til the very last minute of their existence.  Together they left this world so that maybe together they would return.  

Photo from Creative Commons.  


  1. Why is the couples spot not posting everyday anymore? It is usually my first stop in the mornings? Go back to posting every day it starts my day out on a positive note.

  2. I agree it is so nice to get the information daily and I have been reading for over a year know.

  3. Janelle Alex, Ph.D.June 4, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    We are getting back to that - promise. We moved from Indiana to Colorado and this past month has been crazy. Please accept our apologies :)