Saturday, May 12, 2012

Improve Your Relationship With a New Mattress

Okay when is the last time you got a new mattress.  I was checking the weight on our mattress for shipping the other day and realized that over time your mattress gains weight.  Dust and your own skin work into your mattress to the point that it can actually double in weight over 10 years.  With that fact, how old is your mattress.  Once I figured that out we ditched our mattress and bought a new one.  Think about it how important is the area where you spend your time in slumber, and doing things that are sexy and intimate?  Now how important is it that you keep that mattress fresh and clean of dust and skin fragments.  Do you want to be making love to your partner on a mattress with the equal amount of weight of skin and dust. You will also get a better night sleep and your love making will be better on a more comfortable mattress.  So in essence a new mattress will improve many things.   

Photo from Creative Commons. 

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