Monday, May 14, 2012

Give Your Partner The Bird

Okay we all know what the middle finger raised alone means.  Does that have to be an angry gesture?  Sure people use it for when they get cut off in traffic and when they want to express distaste for others.  However could the F**K YOU term attached to this gesture be a term of endearment for your lover.  Maybe you can flip the bird to your partner when you want them to f**k you and that isn't a bad thing in this case.  The two of you could turn this into a fun little way to express your desire for hot and passionate sex instead of the anger that is attached to this gesture normally.  Can you imagine your partner giving you this sign from across the room and while everyone else things they are mad at you, the two of you know that a fun time is in store for the two of you. 

Photo from Wild Turkey website.

1 comment :

  1. If they watch the perverted grinning faces, no gesture can hide what the two are meaning.

    No, really, even painting the Monna Lisa with a face like that cannot hide what you're meaning...