Saturday, April 21, 2012

What I Want For My Birthday

Okay, tomorrow is my birthday and I thought I would take the time to express what I would love to have for my birthday and you might be a little surprised at my choices.  

First of all I want things that will make me happy.  So skip all the material things such as ties, shirts, electronics (although I do like gadgets).  I want something that I can remember for a long time.  Take me to out to enjoy a baseball game or a show that I would enjoy seeing.  Spend time with me and let me enjoy your company.  Don't give me a sugar filled cake with lots of icing.  Make me some warm delicious banana nut bread.  My tastes are very simple as well are my joys in life.  

For my kids draw me a picture, sing me a song, or play me a tune those are the truly treasured things.  

For my partner, kiss and touch me often, make mad passionate love to me, and allow me to return the favors.   

Now here comes my selfish side because I want these things everyday - not just on my birthday!  I don't want my birthday to be one where we spend a lot of money.  I just want it filled with love like everyday, and maybe that banana nut bread.  


I have to ask you know what your partner wants for his/her birthday?  Have you let your partner know what you would prefer for your special day?  It is important that we know what each other really wants and needs!


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