Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This is Not Your Grandparents' Relationship

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Relationships are not what they used to be!  

A number of years ago, parents selected who their children would marry.  This actually still happens in some cultures.  Also, in years past marriages were not focused on love and emotional intimacy.  They were comprised of convenience, financial gain, proposed security, and creating a relationship that would ultimately support the overall family and community.  It didn't matter if the marriage was a happy one or not.  The husband and wife would stay together because that was what was expected of them.  

In American culture, as well as a number of other cultures, this had begun to change over the past few generations.  Married couples do not necessarily live just over the hill from their parents and other family members.  Nowadays, many couples live thousands of miles from other family members.  And, blissful love has become the goal of couples.  Another factor for some relationships that has only recently begun to be acceptable in some communities is same-sex committed relationships.  

No matter whether it is a heterosexual relationship or a same-sex relationship the ultimate goal is unconditional love, close emotional intimacy, passion, trust, and the fairy-tale happily-ever-after concept.  

Sorry - but there are no fairy tale endings.  Relationships are work.  They are in fact an opportunity to grow expansively emotionally and spiritually.  The key is to recognize this fact and come to understand that relationships are a spiritual path.  For your growth and your partner's growth to happen though you must be conscious of this possibility.  

This is a huge topic and not one I can do justice in a short post, but I hope in a few paragraphs that I have given you something to think about. :)   And, of course we will share more about this in our short radio show that you will be able to listen to (after the show airs and we place it below).  

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