Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sacred Contract or A Poker Hand?

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Okay, today I am going to share with you some of my views as to whether or not we come into this life with a sacred contract (a plan) or if we are simply dealt a hand of cards and we get what we get.  I do not find it necessary for others to agree with my views.  What is important is what resonates with you and what feels right to you.  Well all different paths to follow.  With that being said, here goes:

I have sensed somewhere inside of me that we do come here with a purpose - a blueprint, if you will, that can be altered as we live this life.  I don't believe that it is set in stone per se, but I believe it is devised as a guideline to the lessons and experiences that may appear in this life.  Whether or not we choose to learn from the lessons is another matter completely -- the ego may well lead us in a different direction than our Soul.  

But, isn't that part of the lesson on this journey - learning how to integrate the ego self and the authentic self to a point that we can trust in the authentic self and listen to our inner voices and the call of our Soul and of Spirit?  

My perception is that it is possible (ah, the anything is possible question again) that we "meet" with members of our spiritual family and with members of a "council" and go over the things we experienced in previous lives and what we need to achieve or experience in the next incarnation so that we "pass" the class.  

If we fail a required class in school, we must retake it before we can take other courses or move onto a higher level.  For me, it feels similar to our incarnations.  When we sign up for a course in school, we most likely only have a brief summary and overview of what that class is about - unless we have taken the class before.  We may be surprised by what we learn or are supposed to learn in the class.  

And, in fact, we may find ourselves in class thinking, "What the hell am I doing here?  This isn't what I signed up for!  Who are these people?  They aren't my friends!"  Then maybe we switch classes or we somehow get through that one and take a different one where we think, "Thank God!  All of my friends are here!  This is the stuff I like to study and I understand it." 

I certainly don't believe that the slate is wiped clean and we get a fresh start each time.  And, I don't think that we can just blissfully write up a new sacred contract or new blueprint during this life.  Human life is not a joy ride and by choosing to take it on we choose to go through deep spiritual work - whether or not we know it. 

Love to all of you,

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