Monday, April 23, 2012

Making Love Allows You To Carry Part Of Your Partner With You.

I think everyone knows that there is an energy that you share when you make love to each other.  One that is far more powerful than self pleasuring.  This energy can be directed to areas you choose via sex magic or your intentions.  I think we can dive into this a little more and find out that we might just carry the energy of our partner around with us.  

You might be saying "WTF" at the moment...

I believe that when two people that are in love and committed to each other make love they exchange energy with each other.  This energy enters your partner and blends with his/her energy and vice versa.  The combined energy allows you to have the added benefit of his/her power combined with yours.  Now for me, it seems that this blended energy lasts for about 2-3 days, and can be different for everyone depending on your situation.  As you go about your business you bring that extra powerful energy to everything you do.  So in this way when the two of you make love you actually carry around part of your partner with you for a few days and that part you are carrying helps you in many different ways. 

They claim that having sex every 2 or 3 days has a dramatic positive affect on your health.  With this idea above it just might have a dramatic positive affect on your entire life and how great it becomes.  

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