Monday, April 9, 2012

Flowers Your Tool For Excitement

Flowers are wonderful in a relationship.  Bringing flowers home to your love or having the setting on the table or around the house are great ways to show the love that is in your home.  However, flowers can be much more exciting than just setting on the table.  Covering your bed with flower petals is romantic and is a very sensual sign.  Sneaking in and dropping a few flower petals into your lover's bath expresses a love and gives a virtual caress of love.  Even getting out and planting flowers together in your yard is a sign of beauty that will grow and can be a symbol of your love.  

Combined, the two of you can get a small bundle of flowers and hand one out to each couple you see holding hands in the park telling them you appreciate the beauty they are putting in the world.  Flowers are a gift from nature and we should use this beauty to spread not only the love in our relationship, but also the love in our world also.  

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