Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feed The Animals

Want a great way to connect with your partner and help animals at the same time?  Why not go out today and feed some of the animals that frequent the area you live in.  The birds should be returning and the other animals should be coming out of hiding by now from their winter homes.  Why not take the time to throw some birdseed out or take your left overs and place them out to help feed a hungry animal (beware and use caution though - some of you may attract bears, cougars, etc - so it really depends on your area).  *I would also caution you to not feed unhealthy foods to wild animals either! * 

Now here is the part that can really boost your relationship.  After setting this food out sit together and watch and see how quickly these animals come to enjoy it.  Watch as the birds swoop down to carry off the food or as the animals gentle come out of hiding to snatch the prize.  This is the thank you the two of you will share, witnessing the beauty of these creatures and the knowing that you are helping them be safe and fed.  You might even get to hear a wonderful song by a bird or the romantic howl of the wolf at the moon as a return of your favor.  


Photo from Creative Commons

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