Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't Conform...Jump in Those Puddles Instead!

Where does our inner child go?  Well, think about it.  Many teachers, parents, peers, ministers, law enforcement, etc. push us into slots and label us and tell us to stop doing this, don't do that, we shouldn't be this way or that.  From the time we are small children we get labeled and pushed to conform.  Should we just go WILD and do whatever we want whenever we want?  Perhaps not, but it really should be up to you and you using your discretion wisely while considering the impact on others.

This really stands out to me because our youngest is a very outgoing little guy and loves to dance around, jump about, and run and play.  Yet, amazingly when he walks into his preschool he clams up and barely speaks to his teachers.  He did this from day one and this is his third year at preschool.  We kept thinking he would open up as time went on, but nope.  His teacher last year was upset over it and talked to me many times about it.  I finally had to make it very clear to her that as long as he is not hurting anyone physically or emotionally then I am not concerned.  I don't want my kids to shut off who they are and conform any more than necessary to survive in society. 

Now, this goes for you too.  I don't want you to conform in your relationships.  Your relationship is not your parent's relationship or your friends'.  It is yours and your partners' and no one else's!  Find what works for you together and don't worry about what anybody else thinks!   

So, let your kids jump in puddles and jump in puddles yourself.  Don't insist that others shut off who they really are.  And, allow yourself and your partner (and your kids) to shine -- be your true selves :)

Whoop, whoop, splash, splash, big rowdy yell!!!!!

Photo by Janelle Alex

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