Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creating a Mood or Changing a Mood

When you take the time to create a mood in a room, that action can change the mood of your partner.  Say for example your partner has had a hard day at work and is coming home carrying anger from the day.  If he/she walks in and sees a setting like the above photo his/her mood might just change instantly.  The warm lights accompanied by the vision of items that insure that there will be a lot of touch and passion later can break that hard exterior your partner is carrying home.

Creating these moods is easy.  Make sure the lighting is soft, the objects are sensual and your demeanor is one of comfort and love.  To stay on top of when you need to create or change a mood stay in contact with your partner during the day.  Text or call each other and express what is going on during the day if possible.  Having a jump on a bad mood is essential to being able to change it.


Today's radio show was a bit off topic, but we had a lot of laughs.  Listen now (only 15 minutes) and hopefully, you will get a laugh too :)

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