Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools, My Love

April Fools day is here!  How can you play a good April Fools' joke on your partner without being too mean or making him/her feel silly?  Well, why not reverse the situation and make yourself the silly one.  Maybe you could do a little role play.  If you are a guy, dress up as a nerd and if you're a woman, dress up as a biker dude and see if your lover can see past the April fool part to get to the sexy part.  

Other ideas could be to give your partner tickets to something really out of his/her comfort zone and then switch the tickets later for an event he/she might actually like to attend.  Another fun thing to do is to make a meal for your love that you know he/she will detest.  Or you could just make the food taste terrible with the goal of going out to dinner later after you release those words "April Fools"  I could go on and one with ideas, but the important thing is to put a little laughter into your relationship.

Photo from Creative Commons.

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