Friday, March 9, 2012

What Lights You Up?

Can you answer that question without hesitation?  "What lights you up?"  What is it that grabs your instant attention, warms your heart, fills you with excitement or joy, makes you want to share it with the world, don't really understand how others can't feel it too?

You may have many things that make you feel this way, but what is the first thing that pops into your head today?  Mind you, that might be different tomorrow or a week from now.  It doesn't mean that what lights you up today won't light you up then, but it -for some reason- might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

The reason I shared this particular photo is because a ballet class (especially the sound and feel of ballet shoes moving across the floor during barre work :)) is one of the things that light me up.  If you know me yet, then you know I taught dance for 20+ years.  Therefore, this shouldn't be a surprise.  More importantly is that my partner, Rob, knows this about me.

Not only should we know the things that lift us up, fill our beings with joy, connect us instantly to an Inward Oasis, but we need to ensure that our partner knows these things about us.  They deserve to know and when they know they will be able to pull these things into your lives to brighten your day or to support you in taking a leap and making some sort of change in your life.  It might even be just purchasing an amazing framed photo like the one above and giving it to your partner as a gift.

When we know what excites us and makes us want to dance around (no pun intended), then we have a list of things we can turn to when we are having an off day or feeling down.  These things are with us on a soul level.  I don't have room here to explore the details of collaborating with your soul, but pondering the point of this post is certainly one simple way to do just that!

With love,

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