Friday, March 23, 2012

What Can We Do to Make Today Sexy?

Sexy isn't something you just turn on or off.  It is an attitude, a feeling, a belief.  When you feel it, that feeling can change your entire outlook on the day.  My question for you is what can you do to make today sexy for not only yourself, but your lover also.  Maybe you pick out the clothes you feel you look the best in to wear today.  You could also treat yourself to a massage or pamper yourself with a haircut or manicure.  Maybe you can listen to music you feel is sexy or bring home a hot steamy sexy movie for the two of you to watch together.  Whatever it is, I challenge you today to make today sexy.  When you feel sexy the world looks sexy and when the world looks sexy your partner is going to look even sexier to you.  

Start right now and make it a point to create as much sexiness into the day as you can.  Make tonight an extension of the sexy day you have created and let the sexiness flow between the two of you.  This little method might just become a habit for you as a couple. 

You can also do things to boost your partner all day long.  Tell him/her how hot he/she looks in the clothes he/she is wearing, leave a sexy voice message or leave a sexy surprise in the car.  If you can start building the fire in your partner to match the one you are going to build in yourself, the night just might not end until the wee hours of the morning.  

Feelin' Sexy,

Photo from Creative Commons and ISNGGRP.

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  1. Keep using that Sexy Radio voice!

  2. Mmmm...he does have a sexy voice doesn't he ;)

  3. I know it send shivers down my spine, so much so that I have to listen every chance I get. You are one lucky lady, Janelle