Monday, March 5, 2012

Visualize The Change You Want

Want a shift in your life?  Maybe you want a new house for the two of you, or maybe a better job?  It might even be as simple as you want more time to spend with each other.  The change starts when you start to visualize the outcome you desire.  Picture yourself in that new house or at that new job.  Close your eyes and imagine that the two of you have plenty of time to go on dates and see the world.  The energy you put on these thoughts is the first steps in creating the change.  If you can see it in your mind, then it can happen.  Yet, you just can't sit around and visualize all the time.  The next step is to take action.  Determine what step comes after visualization and start that process in motion.  Before you know it your vision of change will be a reality. 

One of the amazing benefits of being in a relationship and loving someone is that you can both focus and visualize on this change.  Putting double the energy out to reach these goals will bring it to you that much faster.   Plus, if you are both taking action towards this goal, reaching it will become a quest for the two of you as a couple. What a wonderful thing to share!  


We talked about this on our morning radio show - it is also related to yesterday's post.  Listen now.
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