Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Break for Couples

Spring Break is coming.  Well, what happens if you don't have children or you're not in school anymore?  Does that mean you don't get to have spring break?  Just because you don't officially get time off, does that mean you can't treat the approaching spring with a break of your own?  

Spring Break is supposed to be a celebration of coming out of the winter months and into the rebirth.  So why should that only be for those in school?  I am suggesting that you as a couple plan out your spring break activities.  You might not be able to jet off to a warm location, but you can make a point to do something fun and exciting.  Plan out a wonderful hiking trip on a weekend or get your plans set to put out flowers around your home.  

The important thing is to view it as a break from your normal activities and get yourself ready to enjoy the warm weather that is on the way.  

- Rob

Want a good laugh.....we laughed until I cried during this episode...maybe it will make you laugh too.  Laughter is contagious after all.

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