Friday, March 16, 2012

Spirituality is Sexy???? What!!!

My dear children,

I am "Sister Margret" and I want to tell you a little secret.  They may kick me out of the convent if they know I am telling you this, so keep it on the down low in regards to who told you. Okay?  Thank you dears.

So, here it is.  Sex is spiritual; therefore your spirituality can be sexy!  Are you shocked?  Have you always thought sex was dirty or supposed to be kept away from your spirituality?

Well, that just isn't true.  In fact, sex in a committed loving relationship can be one of the most beautiful ways to access God or the Divine source.  When done with loving intention it can actually be a prayer itself.

When a couple blends the energy of their physical bodies as well as their spiritual bodies the results are brilliant.  I mean that literally.  The blended spirit creates an amazing light that reaches beyond the physical plane of Earth.  Yet, that same blazing light brightens up your physical bodies, your environments, and others around you as this light continues to exude from you for days to come.

Go grab your partner and honor him/her and your relationship - make wild passionate love.  You have been given a Divine blessing.


With my heart,
"Sister Margret"

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  1. Glad the sister brought this up, now stop making excuses!

  2. Maybe "Sister Margret" will have to come back for another post and show :)