Monday, March 12, 2012

Need a Boost Today? In Life? In Your Relationship?

Sometimes we just feel like we could use a boost.  Maybe we are feeling down and have to drag ourselves out of bed and off to work.  We just can't get motivated.  And, far too many couples feel like they need not only a personal boost, but a relationship boost.  Things just aren't exciting anymore - they may have a date night or time together, but it has become lackluster.  In other words, "whoopty doo" :(

Here are two things you can do to add a little zest.  If you are dedicated, these really can help.

Personal boost: Get up away from the TV, computer, your desk, or other sitting around at least once every thirty minutes.  Move around, do a little jump or wiggle, stretch, go get a fresh cup of water, go to the bathroom, or even stand-up for a while to do your work or talk with someone.  The longer we sit - the more likely we are to have heart problems, get cancer or have other diseases.  So, get moving.  The blood needs to get a little boost to flow throughout your body more.  Start doing this regularly and not only will you begin feeling better, but you will most likely add years to your life.

Relationship boost: Do something physical together.  You could make love more often or you could give one another a back rub or foot rub.  Find a place to go for a walk, find a local gym and go work out together.  Hell, play a game of Twister.  Just get up from watching TV or moseying through Facebook and do a silly little dance together.  You could also meditate together, which can be quite relaxing as well as stimulating for the brain. In fact, you could even consider sexual meditation.

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