Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Love Boat Sank - Go to Fantasy Island

Okay....I had to combat Rob's Love Boat post from yesterday.  I am not trying to sink anyone's love...just having a little fun with you today ;)

Sunken Ship

As a little kid, I remember watching The Love Boat and Fantasy Island.  So, after editing Rob's post, I decided to have a little fun today and challenge him to a little game of Battleship.  Well, the Love Boat got hit and sank ----- everyone survived, of course.  But, now they are flying to Fantasy Island.  

Mind you, you can create a "fantasy island" of your own at home.  You could role play.  You could decorate your room (or entire house if you are really gung ho) and transform it into something totally different.  Play some special music.  Pretend the two of you are meeting for the first time (or whatever you have in mind).  Have fun with it though!

And, to get you started here is the opening from Fantasy Island (geez, it seems so corny now 30+ years later).  Hey, you could even kick-off your personal fantasy island with a pretend landing, deplaning, and some fake Hawaiian leis.


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Photo from Creative Commons and video from YouTube

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