Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do You Stand Out to Your Partner?

Do you still stand out to your partner?  Or, do you just blend in to all the other people in his/her life?

You stood out at one point or another or the two of you wouldn't be a couple.  So, if that spark has faded and now you just blend in (or at least feel like you just blend in), then make a change and stand out again.

How can you do that?
  • Think back to when you were first dating.  What drew your partner to you in the first place?  Bring some of that back.
  • Get a completely different hairstyle.  Maybe even change the color.  Then let your partner know you wanted to change things up with him/her.
  • Wear something that your partner never would have dreamed you would wear.  You can do this for all to see or you might choose to wear something very sexy that is for your partner's eyes only.
  • Get a Sexy Challenge or an Intimate Adventure: Sacred Ceremonies for Couples and share it with your partner.  
These are just a few ideas. The point is to create changes, create excitement.  Do not allow yourselves to blend into everyone else.  Be special to each other.  Honor your partner and your relationship.

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