Monday, March 26, 2012

Be a Warrior of Love in Your Relationship

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"Bravery involves a willingness to let our defenses and hiding places be exposed, so that we can open more fully to life.  To be a warrior in a relationship means being willing to face our pain and fear, instead of always trying to avoid them." -- John Welwood

Mmm...this is beautiful!  I so resonate with what John Welwood is saying here.  To expand on this I would say that we need to be able to be vulnerable with our partners - let our authentic selves shine through.  All the great amazing stuff about us as well as all the unpleasant parts of us should be available to our partners (mind you, this does not mean that physically or verbally abusing someone is acceptable in anyway - nor is substance abuse).  What this means is that we all come into relationships with our own personal wounds, our own personal experiences from this life and past lives.  These experiences and wounds have shaped us and until we become aware of them, feel compassion for those parts and heal them we live them over and over.  Plus, we incarnated with particular lessons to learn - sometimes we are the learner and sometimes we are the teacher. 

Ignoring why we behave in a particular way or react in a particular way is simply avoidance.  Instead, we can create a safe space in our relationship - a safe container - where we can uncover our vulnerabilities and face them head-on.  We can face the pain and the fear instead of hiding from it.  

This is when and where we ultimately become warriors in our relationships - warriors of love.

With love,

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