Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your Partner is Addicted to the Internet!

"Are you kidding me?  You actually brought your laptop to the beach!  What the heck?  Can't you spend any time just relaxing with me?"

"Um, in case you haven't noticed you are on your cell phone..."

Modern technology is amazing and wonderful, but too many people have lost touch with face-to-face interaction.  There is a loss of quiet time between partners.  The Internet and cell phones have come between too many lovers.

Before accusing your partner of spending too much time on the computer or his/her phone take a good look at your own habits.  Are you present with your partner?  Or do you spend too much time wrapped up in texting, Facebook, online games, chatting, etc. too?

I am not suggesting giving those things up all together.  They offer us fantastic ways of communicating.  They help people connect quickly and easily around the world.  Just don't forget about the physical reality right around you.

Put your phone, your iPad, your iPod, your laptop and any other technology away and go for a walk with your partner.  Go outside - take off your shoes - feel the Earth beneath your feet.  Be present and get grounded together.

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  1. My husband will spend hours on the internet for work, checking facebook, chatting and emailing people, then spend a couples of hours playing online games to relax. Then when he comes to bed he is to tired to touch or have sex with me. What can I do?