Friday, February 10, 2012

Cereal and Relationships? What????

I saw this photo and instantly thought of the blended spirit.  Mmmm...yes, it is coming through in a much different way today.  If you aren't sure what I mean by blended spirit then listen to our podcast where we talked about this click here.

So what drew me to this concept when looking at a picture of fruit loop-like cereal?  Well, clearly there is a blend of different colors and proposed flavors or tastes.  If you were to sort through the box and separate each color into individual bowls, you would have numerous bowls - but they would have little variety.  When you combine them into one bowl you get a mixture of flavor and color.  This mixture can enhance the overall flavor and creates a more interesting appearance.

In our lives, we are each a mixture of different "fruit loops".  We all have an infinite amount of past experiences, old wounds, successes, failures, past and present friendships and love relationships.  We bring so much to the table that it is truly mind boggling.  This is why each and every one of us is truly unique.  No two people have had the exact same experiences nor have they perceived their experiences the same.  When we bring these aspects of ourselves into any relationship - be it romantic, family-oriented, work-related or with a stranger - we bump up against their experiences - the various aspects of them.  Then those different pieces blend together (even if only briefly).  This creates a blended energy or a blended spirit.

The above picture drew me today and I felt compelled to offer you a different way to grasp the concept of the blended spirit.  I am not sure I will look at fruit loop cereal the same way again....will you?


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