Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa's Helpers ;)

Well, it is Christmas Eve.  If you don't celebrate Christmas, then this post just might not be for you :)

Tonight is a great time to share a special night with your beloved.  You can exchange "special" gifts with each other tonight.  If you have kids, you will obviously have to wait until they are in bed and you have taken care of Santa's work.  But -- afterward, you can take some time to intimately play at being elves ;0)

Is role playing and dressing up usually not a part of what you do?  Tonight is a great opportunity to try it out or at least add it in just for the occasion.   

Enjoy your Christmas everyone!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve??

Christmas Eve Eve. This day is the final day to relax before the festivities begin.  Sure Christmas Eve is not an actual holiday but so many people start their Christmas on this day.  Going to relatives houses or friends then to spend Christmas with their immediate family.  So that makes this the last day to relax before Christmas hits.  Take time to spend it with your beloved.  Get a bottle of wine, or just sit and snuggle up and watch it snow.  Make this your special time together and make it last as long as possible.  Sit up late into the night talking and remembering holidays past.  This might just be the best part of your holiday season.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Share Your Joy With The World

We spend so much time decorating the inside of our house and maybe even the outside of our house.  Is that decorating for us or enjoyment of others.  If your like me most of that decorating is for my family and myself.  Here is a little thing the two of you can do this holiday to spread cheer into your neighborhood.  Take some decorations and decorate something in your neighborhood that many will see.  Do a telephone pole or a tree in your park heck you could even decorate up and down your sidewalk.  Get permission from the proper authorities before you start and just tell them you want to spread Christmas Cheer throughout the neighborhood and unless it causes a safety issue I don't see why they would say no!.

Other ideas might be to decorate a vacant house, or a tree of someone who can't get out and do it by themself.  You might even do it at a local playground or at a shopping center.  Use your imagination and spread your holiday spirit around the world.  

Monday, December 19, 2011

Helping Hands Are a Great Gift Idea

You can give so many gifts and spend a lot of money on the holidays this year.  However some of the best gifts you can give don't cost a thing.   Volunteering and giving a helping hand can be one of the most rewarding things you can do.  Go help out at a soup kitchen or help someone fix their home that is in desperate need of repair.  You can even deliver meals to those that can't get out of their house.  When you do this as a couple you really form a bound that is special for the two of you.  This holiday look for a way the two of you can help out those less fortunate than you and give that gift.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Did I Just Get a Cheeseburger?? I Only Order TEA!

It is true that we can get so wrapped up in other things that we don't even notice what we are eating or for that matter what the waiter or counter person even gives us.  Below I am reposting a brief post I wrote a while back about a good friend of mine who experienced this quite to her surprise :)  

Sometimes we are just plain mindless!  We get so wrapped up in other things in our minds that we go on autopilot.  What happened at the office?  What are we having for dinner tonight?  What do I still need to pick up at the store?  I wonder what homework the kids will have?  What time do they have guitar practice and cheer practice again?  Oh, shoot, I didn't pick up little Joey's guitar from home!

Today I was visiting with a friend when she shared just such a moment with me.  She stops every day and gets an iced tea from a local drive through.  Yesterday she pulled away and thought to herself, "Oops, they didn't give me a straw."  She had extras in the car so it wasn't an issue.  In a couple of minutes she thought, "Why does my car smell like food?"  With her extra straw in the cup she took a sip only to be surprised that it was soda and not tea.  Then she looked over in the passenger seat and saw a bag of food from the restaurant.  She was amazed that she could have been so zoned out and on serious autopilot that she took the bag of food from the drive through employee without even noticing.  

It makes for a good laugh later, but it can also be a good wake up.  Being mindful in our daily lives is not always easy, but we miss so much when we allow ourselves to become mindless instead :)  And, you know as well as I do that we all fall into the mindless category at times.  The key is try to be mindful more than mindless.  

Photo by Aranami