Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hang Some Mistletoe Over Your Bed

Want a great way to start your holiday season out?  A simple idea is to hang some mistletoe over your bed.  Now you have a symbolic reason to kiss each time you meet in your bed.  Who knows this might even spark more joyful occasions during the holiday.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sacred Healing on iTunes!

We recently put this Intimate Adventure: Sacred Ceremony for Couples up on iTunes for FREE.  This is a perfect Intimate Adventure to start with.  If you haven't checked these out, we highly recommend them. They truly can transform your relationship and your life.  Within just a couple of days of this one being uploaded to iTunes it climbed to #3 under Health, Mind & Body: Spirituality.  We are in awe.

This ceremony is a beautiful way to release worries or troubles in or around your relationship.  But, in conversation with a dear group of my friends in regards to the horrible happenings at Penn State the realization came to me that this ceremony can be used to focus healing on others - even those we don't personally know.  The events at Penn State are heart-wrenching.  How can we help?  Well, we can send light and love and we can do this ceremony for sacred healing of the victims as well as the accused.  Those at fault obviously have very serious mental/emotional/spiritual health issues or they would not have committed such acts.  So, I ask you to remember that we can not only heal ourselves, but others by focusing our prayers and healing ceremonies toward them.

Light and love to all of you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Less Cereal, More Money, & Less Weight

Cereal is a staple of our society here in America.  However it can also help change things in your life.  Check out this video and see what cereal can do for you!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Remember to Breathe

Life can be stressful. Many things may come at you seemingly all at once. It is of utmost importance that you remember to breathe. By taking a few deep breaths you can release much of your stress and find some calm. Your body will appreciate the extra oxygen.

Sometimes it just seems that there is so much piling up that it is hard to keep your head above water. When that happens strap on an air tank and take the dive...don't fear it. But, you must remember to breathe!! And, when your head is underwater you must learn how to breathe...with pressure pushing down on you breathing is not natural at first. Trust yourself to learn how. You can do it. And, you can actually enjoy it and see all the beauty under the water...through the stress...just breathe!
Photo by Gina Smith

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Decorate Your Love For Christmas

Okay if you celebrate Christmas or not this is the time of year you can really decorate your love for the holidays.  How you might ask can you decorate your love?  Well there are so many different things you can do around this time of year.  For starters you can make a date out of shopping, instead of the entire focus being on rushing around, show down and experience this time with your beloved.  Next decorate you bedroom for the holiday.  Blinking lights and ornaments shouldn't just stay in the living areas of your house.  This will automatically add a little change to your bedroom activities.  Most important way to decorate your love for the holidays is to slow down and enjoy what is really important at this time of year, the ones you love.  Make cookies, go caroling, or take a sleigh ride create some wonderful memories and try to out do this each and every year.

Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Midst of Chaos Be Present

You are running here and there, the phone is ringing, your list of errands is growing, the dog is barking and begging to go for a walk, your teenager is playing the drums, and you can't find your car keys.

STOP!! Are you being present? Or, are you just running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Take a breath and be in the moment. Answer the phone if you can, pat the dog and in a soothing voice tell him you will take him out soon, listen for a moment to what your teenager is playing, and your car keys will show up soon enough. And, if your youngest comes to stand in front of you covered in paint, take a good look at the beauty of the "artwork".

You and only you can choose how to react to events in your life. A dear friend recently shared a quote with me, "You own your emotions, your emotions do not own you." So, take control :)

Photos by: Maya Kruchancova & Christophe Ursitti

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time To Break Out the Christmas Music

Brian Setzer is one of my favorite Christmas Musicians

If you are like me one of the favorite parts of Christmas is the music.  You get to break out the wonderful sounds that you only get to listen to for about a month.  This music is most likely very different from what you listen to the rest of the year.  It is comfort music and creates the feeling of Christmas.  It can take you both back to your childhood as you listen and remember those wonderful days of the past.  Take some time this year and just plop down on the couch you and your beloved and spend a few hours taking in these wonderful songs of Christmas it is a beautiful part of the holidays.  If you have children get them involved and discuss everyones favorite Christmas song and why it is their favorite.  If you don't celebrate Christmas that is okay do this with other music you listen to and just let the soothing music take you to a different place.