Saturday, November 26, 2011

Jump & Shout

Don't hold it in.  When you feel excitement, joy, happiness, playfulness let it out.  Let others share in your delight.  It just might brighten their day too!!

Photo by Christophe Schmid

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday is it Worth it?

Black Friday Crowd, or Lynch Mob?
Black Friday has become a tradition for many people.  Getting up early on this day and trudging out to fight crowds for specially priced items with limited numbers.  Marked as the start of the Christmas purchasing season Black Friday can be a nightmare for some.  With the limited number of items many stores have, and the overwhelming crowds Black Friday can be frustrating and harmful to your health.  My suggestion if you are going to experience Black Friday is not to take it to serious, use it as a time to connect with the family and friends you go shopping with.  Understand that you might not get the items you are looking for, know that people will be rude and pushy.  My suggestion is to go into Black Friday to start spreading Christmas cheer and joy.  Maybe if everyone did this on Black Friday they might have to change the name of it.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What about the Native Americans? They Made Thanksgiving Sexy, TOO.

Gratitude with Attitude.  
Okay okay I made a boo boo in a recent post about Sexy Pilgrims and forgot to mention the Native Americans.  It was a combined effort to produce this Holiday.  Native Americans are sexy because of their connection with the environment.  We can still learn a lot today from the Native Americans and their respect for the land.  Another important part of Native American heritage is how well they treated each other.  Within the tribe each and every person had their place in the village.  Love was an important part of the life of the Native Americans.  They were passionate and natural lovers.  They protected those they loved with everything they had and yet were so giving to others.  This is the force behind Thanksgiving, it would have been easy for the Native Americans to turn their backs on the Pilgrims and let them starve to death.  Instead they help these people that needed it, should we not all take this lesson form the Native Americans.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Win $100

WIN $100
Joyful Couples Contest

This book is about sharing with others.  It is about sharing a quick story, special moment in your relationship or a quick tip on how you keep your relationship alive.  It is great fun to fill out a couple pages of your own story and then add other couples' stories/tips.  You can write their stories or have them write it in.  It is a great book as a wedding gift, anniversary gift or shower gift!  And, right now it could win you a $100 gift card to Amazon.

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We only have a limited number of  3 copies of Joyful Couples for $.01 - so get yours today and get busy so that you can have a chance to WIN!    

TED Talk - We Have to Change NOW

Monday, November 21, 2011

Are Pilgrims Sexy?

Check out this Sexy Pilgrim posing.
As we fast approach Thanksgiving we start to honor a holiday based on gratitude.  We start thinking about how important and appreciative we have or have not been during the year.  That thought process needs to start with your lover.  Do you appreciate them?  Do you show them how much they mean to you, often?  If not, today is the day to start making a change and show how much you love them.  So, my opening question was, "Are Pilgrims Sexy?"  If they get us to pay more attention to the person we love then they are DAMN SEXY!  Except for those buckles on their shoes.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Your Spiritual Family

For much of my life I have repeatedly wondered just where in the heck the rest of us are? I had close friends growing up, but still felt that I was missing so many others. I can’t say that I understood that, but I just knew there was more to my life and more members of my Spiritual Family out there somewhere.

I have encountered a few of those beautiful beings over the years, but in the past year I have been blessed to find so many more of my Spiritual Family. They are spread out all over the world, but the connection we share is truly beyond this human experience. Today I honor those in my life and the special expereinces I have had this past year.

When you feel that connection to someone be witness to it. The other party may or may not recognize you as well – it just depends on where he/she is on his/her journey. And, the prospect of knowing someone from Home and having shared past lifetimes is often a topic few are willing to broach.

I have come to find that most importantly I want share love and compassion with the world and when I am able to connect with my spiritual brothers and sisters I rejoice – and hopefully, they recognize me and rejoice as well.
Photo by zaphad1