Saturday, September 24, 2011


Dreams may be messages.  Dreams may be prophetic – telling us of something that will happen.  Dreams may feel fragmented. Dreams may be only sounds or feelings.  Dreams may be in vivid color while other times in black and white.  Dreams may be peaceful.  Dreams may be frightening.  Dreams are doorways to our souls.  Dreams are a Divine gift.  Only you can interpret your dreams though having someone to help you with your dream exploration can open you up to extraordinary "aha" moments..  Mind you, not all dreams need to be interpreted, even though there may be some important keys within those dreams.  Sometimes we just need to compassionately accept and honor our dream.

Photo by Nikolay Okhitin

Friday, September 23, 2011

Whats your Song?

Every relationship has a song.  What you don't have one???  Well it is time the two of you sit down and think of a song that divines your relationship.  Maybe it is a 70's disco classic or an 80's love ballad.  It doesn't have to fit your perfect.  What it does need to do is remind the two of you about your lover for each other when ever you hear it.  Maybe it was the song playing when you first kissed, the first time you danced together or even the first time you laid eyes on each other.  Hold this song special.  Once you have your song you can now start your relationship sound track by adding others.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grains of Sand

As the hour glass of your life passes, each grain of sand falls gently into the lower level of the hour glass. Imagine that each grain is an experience in your life and as it passes through the present or middle of the hourglass you experience it. When you start the top part is filled with experiences that are going to pass through your present. Then fall into your past. One by one these grains pass through the slim part of the hour glass dropping your experiences into the past. Until the last gain passes through the middle and gently falls on the pile of all your other memories. Some view this as the end, the finish, death. Perhaps, it is just time to turn the hour glass over and experience all those feelings and moments again or experience new feelings with new moments. Are you one who is open to embrace the turning of the hour glass, when the time arrives, or are you one who fears it?

Photo from Creative Commons

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have you ever noticed the colors that stand out in your relationship?  Like the color of your partners eyes or the blush of their cheeks when you kiss them.  How about the colors you see when you kiss or how the grass seems greener when you are in love.  How does all this play into the fact that your relationship is important.  Start looking around and seeing how colorful you world is now that you are in love.  If you not in love right now then start looking so you will notices later when love hits you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spiritual Recipe

In many recipes you are asked to combine a lot of different ingredients blending them together to create a dish.  This is very similar to what you need to do to find your spirituality.  Listen to all the aspects and soak them in.  Then start taking the parts that feel right to you.  Just as with a recipe add the amounts that feel right to you.  Some recipes are bitter to the taste for some people while others find it to their liking.  Creating your own recipe will help you find the recipe that works best for you.  You will start to find out there are a lot of similarities within all of these.  However, the one that fits you will be a combination of what you feel is true.

Photo from Creative Commons

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Can't I Let It Go?

Why can't we let go of the hurtful feelings that we have?  You know the ones that have come from bad experiences or hurtful memories.  Somehow we can't shake these feelings and they creep into our current daily life.  We don't take a chance because we failed at something a long time ago.  We are afraid to fall in love because the hurt we felt from the last time it fell apart.  Maybe it was a traumatic event that has been burned into our memory that affects the way we look at all situations now.  Why do we hold onto these feelings?  Why don't we just let them go?  Are they a way of protecting ourselves? 
I am not sure of the exact reason, but I have my own take on why we hold onto these hurtful feelings and memories.  It is our balance.  This is the way we justify all the good that comes into our lives.  How would we justify our great feelings if all we had to compare them to were our other great feelings.  All our feelings would be neutral at that point. 

Here is a suggestion for the next time these nasty feelings pop up.  When you feel one of these bad feelings creeping into your mind immediately think of the most wonderful feeling you can recall.  Now strike the balance between the two.  Maybe other kids teased you in school?  Put that on side of an imaginary scale in your mind.  On the other side of the scale put the wonderful things your partner says to you now!  Using balance will soon have you using these hurtful memories as a means of balancing instead of a way to shy away from reliving them.

Photo from Creative Commons