Saturday, September 10, 2011


Strength has so many forms. We typically think of strength as being physically stronger than another person. Yet there are so many ways to be strong. Strength can be the alcoholic saying no to a drink, a battered wife having the courage to leave a relationship or the confidence to stand up and state your opinion when it goes against everyone else's. Strength comes from the inside—be it physical or not. What spurs the person on when he has nothing or makes her get up after being knocked down by life? Strength can be compassion and the ability to care when no one else does or the vision to look deeper into a situation to see the real problem. Sometimes the weakest person physically can have amazing strength in the form of courage to lead a nation. Don't look at the size of the muscles on the outside when you try to measure strength. Look into the heart and see one’s desire and courage.

Photo from Creative Commons

Friday, September 9, 2011

Love Continues to Grow

Our love for each other doesn't have an end point.  There is no finish line to cross that would allow us to reach total bliss in our relationship.  This race continues forever.  We are constantly evolving in our relationship and those who don't evolve soon find their relationship in disarray.  So pace yourself and enjoy the love throughout your entire life.  You have plenty of love to give each other.  You just have to remember to share it each and every day of your wonderful relationship.  Continue to go on dates, be present with each other as much as you can, laugh, and most of all kiss.

Thursday, September 8, 2011



Time - does it really move faster or slower at times?

Have you ever been doing something fun and exciting and then suddenly you look at the clock only to realize far more time has passed than you realized? On the other hand, have you even been somewhere that is extremely boring? Time seems to drag there. It seems like the clock slows down.
In this physical world we believe that time doesn't speed up or slow down. But, does it? Could time actually speed up when we are having fun or slow down when we are not having fun? This poses an interesting question. How do we actually know? Some people believe that time doesn’t really exist at all.

Here is something to ponder. If one person is having fun and time speeds up for him, and at the same exact time someone else experiencing boredom and time is slowing down for her, what happens when they meet? Are they on different planes and not notice each other at all as they pass? Or, is it a form of time travel, and they actually find themselves at the same place just at different times in space? The answer might never be known or it might not even exist if time doesn't exist. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now is The Time!

We always say the words, "When I have time, I'm gonna..."  Do we ever find this time?  Well, today is the day to MAKE the time.  Stop putting it off and start doing it.  We can go for years or even a lifetime without living.  Now, why would you want to do that?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Illusion of White

Illusion of White

Deep, vivid blue

Frozen, sharp crystals

Floating helplessly in the wind

Heavy, bulging with more

Miniscule, massive individuals

Rushing yet drifting to the earth

Clear, reflecting all

Bouncing light reverberates

An illusion of white

Monday, September 5, 2011

Under The Stars

As the summer comes closer to its end, a great activity for the two of you to do is a little star gazing.  Find a wonderful place to sit, where you can stare up at the beautiful and wonderful dots of light the stars give us.  Get a warm blanket because sometimes is gets chilly at night during this time of year and snuggle underneath the warm blanket and the blanket of stars overhead.  Now spend the night conversing about your future and what your dreams might be.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Every one of us can choose to be joyful just for the sake of being joyful.  We do not need to have obtained a new gadget or found a new love or had a fabulous vacation or received a wonderful gift from someone.  We come to this beautiful planet with an inner light – an inner joy.  As we grow older layers and layers of junk – hurt, daily life, stress, and so forth get piled on top of our inner light; therefore, sometimes it has a hard time shining through.  Even though peeling those layers away can be a good deal of work just know that no matter how deep you have to go you have an inner light and an inner joy.  Choose to feel it from the inside out and you will find that you can be joyful for no particular reason at all!!

Photo from Creative Commons