Saturday, August 13, 2011

Write I love You on Each Other

This may seem a little childish but it is a silly little way of proclaiming your love for each other.  Simply put your write I love you on your partner someplace that only they will see it.  Maybe on their leg or on their stomach.  Maybe you just draw a little heart on them.  The beauty of it is they when they see it not only will they think of you but they will know how much you love them.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Your Own Silence

We are so swamped with distractions – television, books, cell phones, video games, music, email, the Internet, busy work – that we often forget the importance of true silence.  Time alone is vitally important to all of us.  It is time to reflect and go within to hear within and without.  This alone time is more powerful if you spend it without distractions.  Sit quietly by a fire.  Go out into nature.  Watch the snow silently falling.  Watch the waves roll in and flow out.  Breathe in life and accept whatever comes to you from your soul, your Spirit, the Divine.  Just witness it and honor it.  It is not necessary to interpret what comes to you.  Just be thankful for the quiet and the connection. 

Photo by Andy Roberts

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Find a field of flowers to walk though.

Summer is quickly coming to an end.  The most wonderful part about summer is the fact it lets us enjoy nature.  I want to suggest to the two of you that today, or as soon as you can, go out and find a wonderful place in nature to take a walk together.  I would recommend a field of flowers.  Not only are they beautiful but the smell can be intoxicating as well for the both of you.  As you take your walk appreciate each other and the simple things that each one of you brings to the relationship.  End your walk with a wonderful kiss and make sure to hold hands during you walk.  Have no other agenda in place just allow your relationship to relax and be present with each other.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Don't Clean That Up Yet

Do you have a child that seems to make a complete mess out of the house when he/she is playing? Does this make you feel a little frustrated after having to pick up after him/her day after day? Well let’s look a little closer at what you are complaining about. I have often heard that some of the most creative people have issues with neatness. Papers strung across their desks, files in disarray, yet they still come up with the most amazing ideas and creations. Albert Einstein was said to have had one of the messiest offices ever, and I hope you would agree that his theories were amazing.

So as you look at the mess your child has created should you really reprimand him/her for it or should you look deeper into the mess and see the absolute beauty in it. The imagination that goes into playing and creating and yes leaving a mess behind is something we don't want to put a lid on now, do we? I would much rather see that child creating and making a mess than sitting lifeless in a chair playing video games. Understand that with a great imagination little bits of paper strung across the floor might be a vision of a snow storm or confetti from a party in an alternate plane or maybe even a cure for cancer.

Perhaps, the next time you are having trouble coming up with a good idea, you should sprinkle snow (paper) all over your desk and see what happens.

Don’t limit an imagination. Allow it to bloom and grow. That is where the truly great ideas come from.
Photo from Creative Commons

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kirlian Photography shows the energy of love.

Kirlian Photography is used to show the energy in and around objects yet something amazing happens when lovers are photographed using this process as you will see below.  The couple in this experiment were instructed to place one finger each on a plate for the photograph.  Then they were given instructions on what to do and below is the outcome.

In the above picture the couples were to think unpleasant thoughts about each other.

In the about picture the couple were to think wonderful thoughts about each other.  See the energy starting to blend together.

In this last picture the couple were instructed to kiss and see how their energy blends totally together.  Once I saw these images I realized just how powerful love in our relationship can be.  It can combine our energy into a super energy a blended spirit.

Monday, August 8, 2011

I Am

I Am

Powerfully I came from the

Sapphire above and beyond to a

Willow resiliently standing through the

Winter waiting to share space with the


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Grow Herbs to help your health and your relationship.

Gardening can be on of the most relaxing hobbies you can have.  It is therapeutic as well as it can benefit your health by using natural herbs instead of processed ones.  It is also an enjoyment you both can share.  Pick out several herbs that the two of you like and get some pots and plant them together.  If you have children, it can also be a family project you can do together.  I would suggest even picking up some different herbs you have never tried before and giving them a chance.  Once your herbs grow and flourish you can start using them to cook in your foods.  You cannot believe the extra taste it can give your food.  Again this not only helps build your relationship by doing something together, but it also helps your health.  Find out what herbs help what health problems and construct your herb garden to help issues the two of you might have.