Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quote from Me.

When you begin building with a strong foundation your building can reach as high as you can imagine.
When all you have is love, you have a great foundation to build upon.
-Rob Alex-

Friday, May 13, 2011

Great Romantic Comedy - The 40 Year Old Virgin

          Looking for the romantic movie that is not to mushy and has lots of comedy.  Well The 40 Year Old Virgin might be just the ticket for the two of you.  If you like your humor a little crude, then this movie is for you.  Steve Carell is a wonderful and hysterical force in comedy today.  So get out some popcorn and snuggle up and laugh and love together.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Your special spot.

Sometimes the best place to be is within the arms of your lover, friend or partner.  If your lucky those places are all in the same spot. 
-Rob Alex-

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finding the love again...

          On this roller coaster we call a relationship we have lots of ups and downs, twists and turns.  However the ride does eventually come back to the place where you get in the cars.  That is where the love begins and sometimes you have to revisit that place where love first starts.  Think back to the time when you were first dating and how excited you were to see each other.  Can you go to that place again or did it ever leave.  Can you see the person you fell in love with, in their eyes.  Obviously we all change as we age and so does our love.  Are you letting yours grow or are you still holding on to that first feeling of love.  My love for my partner changes and grows a little each and every day.  I tell her often that I fall in love with her over again every day.  Even on those days where we seem to be distant or not in the best of places, I learn to love in different ways.  I am comfortable in the fact that we will have ups and downs like the roller coaster and that for every down there is an up.  Loving in times of stress and pain are hard sometimes and sometimes they are the best time to fall deep into that love.  Love has a life and an energy of it's own, let it grow.  

Monday, May 9, 2011

Find a little place of your own.

Photo from Creative Commons.
          We can always find a great place to eat with the same old menu. Places like Chili's, or Applebees are in every decent size city to accommodate our evenings out together.  This is fine for when you want the same old entree that you know you will enjoy.  However, to spice up your date night or your dinner out why not try to find someplace a little out of the way.  A place with some character, a mom and pop place that has not only history but a since of adventure within them.  These little places are usually not loud and crowded like the chain places.  The food however is most of the time a lot better.  This is because more effort is put into the preparing of your meal, heart and soul are in the kitchen carving out a life for themselves.  It's not the local college student preparing your meal in the way he/she has been taught.  Search out and find these quaint little places and see if you can find out the charm and the history of the owners or founders.  You might get more then a wonderful dinner on your date, you might just soak up some of the love that goes into these little wonderful spot on the planet.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My beloved is a wonderful Mother!

Beauty in Motherhood.
          The most wonderful mothers on the planet have an energy all of their own.  My beloved has a energy when it comes to her being a mother that is as powerful as the sun itself.  Her love for our children is a model for other mothers to follow.  Her spirit is constantly watching over and protecting our children even when she is not around them.  The part of her that is a mother is as strong as any part of her, it is a knack she has for it and the softness in which she carries out this title of MOM.  I cannot express enough how truly beautiful it is to watch her be a mother.  Thank you my beloved it is humbling to be in the presence  of your great skill in this title role of mother.