Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dieting as a couple, IS a great idea.

Losing weight together can be fun!
Going on a diet can be difficult if you do it alone, but can be made easier by going on a diet for couples and losing weight together with your partner. Having a partner to do things with helps you stick to something and complete a task. Dieting may become something more enjoyable than just a task if you have a partner there to support you all the way. It can even be fun if you spice up your diet routine. Here are some tips that may help you get started with a diet for couples.
1. Before you begin a couples diet, talk to your partner about how to go about the diet regimen. You will have to discuss if both of you are willing partners. You will also have to discuss compromises, sacrifices, and create a plan on how to begin, follow through, and complete a diet for couples. Set goals for both of you, so you will have a basis to know if you are successful or not.
2. Plan a menu every week for the both of you. You and your partner need to make your own contributions to this so that both of you can enjoy eating your meals. One type of meal may not be as appealing for your partner. Choose the middle ground and plan dishes that both of you would enjoy eating. If you like what you eat, you will both likely enjoy the diet experience more and continue losing weight together.
3. It would be a good idea to do your grocery shopping together. Before going to the supermarket, you and your partner can make a list of food and drinks you plan to include in your diet for couples. You can explore healthier options at the supermarket and decide whether to get certain foods or drinks for your couples diet. You also prevent each other from cheating if both of you are watching what you put in the grocery cart.
4. If you enjoy eating out, try to limit your restaurant list to a few places that serve healthier food like salads, low-fat and sugar-free meals. Look for vegan delis and restaurants. Cut down your restaurant list to half by choosing only your favorite restaurants and decide to dine out less frequently. Once at the restaurant, try to order meals with smaller portions or split an order between the two of you.
5. Have some fun with a diet for couples by doing physical activities together. If you guys like playing sports like tennis or racquetball, this might be the perfect time to pick up the sport again. Playing together is a fun way to lose weight together. If you start getting bored with one sport, you can switch to another activity like jogging or biking. If you prefer to work out at a gym, sign up as a team. You can probably even get a discount by registering as a couple.
6. Try to keep in mind that you committed to lose weight together when you both decided to pursue a diet for couples, so try not to break your diet routine in front of your partner. Avoid eating food you are not supposed to eat in front of your husband or friend so he won't be tempted to also break the diet. Your obligation to each other is to provide support and encouragement, not to provide temptation to break the diet.
Losing weight together doesn't have to be an ordeal if you can spice it up by being romantic or creative. Plan a weekly romantic dinner at home. Bring out the candlesticks and wine glasses. Set the table as if you were dining at a fine dining gourmet restaurant. Have a picnic on weekends. Ask other couples who have also gone on a diet for couples for tips on how to make the diet experience more enjoyable.
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Change Positions for Foreplay also!

Chairs can be sexy, too.
          Everyone and their brother has an idea on how you should change positions in your love making.  Well why not change positions for foreplay?  Do you always start your foreplay in the same position?  Well think about how much different it would be if you were sitting in a chair, or standing.  These little changes could spice up your foreplay and make it more interesting for the both of you.  Maybe you could even start your foreplay in the shower.  I think this is a great idea to help spice up your love life without having to change much.  You, never know until you try so put it on your schedule and try it out next time you get a chance to make love.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video your life together.

Photo from Creative Commons.
          You know the one thing that seems to be missing from most relationship is video of the two of your together.  Usually one or the other of you is filming and the other one is in the video.  I think you should make it a point to set up the camera at least 4 or 5 times a year and film the two of you together.  You don't have to make a full length production of it just film the two of you doing something together so that you have it to look back upon and remember how much your love has grown.  Plus it is fun to see at later dates how in love we were back then because it might just start a spark today.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you know any Joyful Couples!

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          We have created a book that we feel is a wonderful book for a gift for a wedding or anniversary.  Joyful Couples is a book that is passed around and other wonderful couples write within the book ways that they keep their fires burning for each other.  Once all the couples have entered their comments and suggestions for having lasting love the book is returned to the new couple and they get the experience of all these other wonderful couples as they start their journey together.  Pick up your copy today by clicking on the link above.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Men keep your skin soft!

Vaseline now has a complete line of lotions to help you keep your skin soft and smell like a man!
          Women don't usually have a problem keeping their skin in tip top shape.  They have special lotions and body washes that keep their skin soft and very touchable.  Men on the other hand have a little harder time keeping their skin soft.  Men the skin on your hands are on of the most important parts to keep soft and manageable.  You partner is not going to want you rubbing your hands all over them is they are rough and scratchy.  Men you need to go out and find a lotion that is manly enough for your personality and that doesn't have the scent of a woman.  Lately there are plenty of products on the market for men to achieve this softness while still smelling like a quote, unquote man.  You might enlist your partner in helping to find one that they enjoy the scent.  Start putting your new lotion on everyday and soon you will find not only is your skin starting to feel better but it will become healthier also.  Soon your partner might not be able to keep their hands off you, and that is always a plus!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't let Money rule your relationship.

Remember Money is just paper, love is way more valuable. 
Money; it's the root of many, many marital problems. In fact, some researchers say that financial issues within the marriage are actually the 2nd most common cause of divorce. While many couples may not have money issues, it is one of the top causes of conflicts and disputes. This article discusses dealing with financial issues during marriage and how you can stop it from ruining yours.
Cooperation and Discussion
One of the most important things you can do to stop financial issues is communicate. First of all, do you and your spouse have separate funds or does all of your money go into the 'our money' bin? If you have separate funds and keep it separate, you need to agree on a percentage of the bills that you both pay and also agree on any other things your money goes to. For instance, you may want to keep a portion of your paycheck in a savings account, child's college account or something else. Then, you will know what money you have left for recreational or other purposes.
If all of the money goes together, you need to also agree on where the money goes and what is left over. Splitting the recreational money between the two of you is a great way to alleviate money conflicts. Another thing that really stops money issues is to discuss with your spouse any large purchases which could affect your relationship.
Careless Spending
Another problem many couples have is when one, the other or both engage in careless spending. For instance, purchasing things that are not necessary, gambling and similar things can really cause disputes within a marriage. If your spouse is engaging in careless spending and you've had enough - talk to them without attacking them. Figure up the amount of money they spend and show them the percentages. Let them know the good things that could have been purchased with that money and remain calm with them. This gets through to a spouse much more than screaming at the top of your lungs would!
One Sided Spending
Many couples have problems because one of them doesn't mind spending the money on himself or herself but the other hesitates. For instance, some mothers (not all) will purchase for every one else first and this can leave them with nothing for themselves. If you feel as if you're being stiffed, speak up. Choose a day when you're going to purchase something you want and let your spouse know. This way, he or she has no excuses and they know that you're going to purchase something you want.
By following the tips and advice in this article, you effectively and happily can get around the money issue in your marriage. Even if you're not experiencing money problems at this time, communication is key in preventing them from happening in the future. Be open and honest with your spouse and encourage them to tell you their thoughts. This will help keep your marriage happy and conflict-free. Good luck!
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