Saturday, March 26, 2011

Popcorn Bowl.

Can a bowl of Popcorn improve your relationship?
          You know here is a little trick to improving your relationship involving a popcorn bowl.  Are you one of those couples that both get a bowl of popcorn as you sit down to watch a movie?  Well try this next time you make popcorn.  Put all the popcorn in one bowl.  This way you have to sit closer to each other and your butter hands are touching each other as you reach in for more of the snack.  This might not be the thing that improves your relationship the most but it will get you close and touching and it that is not a start to improving things I don't know what is.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Make your date night a special time.

Add a little spark to your date night, ideas from Lee Blackspur.
          Whether you are madly in love or just hoping for love to blossom with someone new, romantic creative dating ideas can sometimes be difficult to think of, much less plan out. Many women secretly wish that their man had more creative ideas that touched on romance and at least some originality. Granted, candlelight dinners and rose petals on the bed are nice, but they are not exactly oozing with originality. There are plenty of other ideas that are actually quite simple to pull off without coming across like a walking cliché of a man hoping to impress his woman.
          Believe it or not, one of the most romantic dates, and absolutely FREE to boot, is a nice morning, afternoon or nighttime stroll. You may be saying to yourself, wait a minute, walking is not really a date! Well, think about it, is there any more perfect setting to engage in quality conversation? Your date will appreciate the fact that you seemingly want to hear what she has to say, as well as open up yourself. If you are walking on a city street, you can window shop, stop for ice cream or browse magazines together at the newsstand. Who knows what kind of conversations may originate. If you live in an area near a lake or ocean, there is nothing more romantic than a walk on the beach. You can hunt for sea glass and seashells or take in a beautiful sunset. A casual walk allows people an opportunity to connect on a much more intimate level. Plus, you will burn some calories, which will make that stop for ice cream feel somewhat less guilty! The best kind of creative dating ideas are the free ones!
          Some of us are not very good on a pair of ice skates, but there is something about a skating rink that reminds people of romance in its most innocent form. Frolicking on the rink, all bundled up, falling into each other's arms. This is one place where your clumsiness is actually cute and charming! And, when it's time to take a break you can huddle close to one another to keep warm while sipping hot chocolate.
          Cooking together is cheaper than dinner at a fine restaurant and also allows for some playful interaction between the two of you. Plan the meal out together, go to the grocery store together, put on some music, sip some wine and catch a glimpse of what married life may be like by working together and sharing a kitchen space.
          Look online or in local newspapers for some fun classes or lessons the two of you could take together. Women adore men who are not afraid to dance so why not sign up for a local dance class to show her that no C-level celebrity on "Dancing With The Stars" can hold a candle to you. Beyond dancing, if your date is artistic or creative, how about taking a painting class or jewelry making class together? The latter will also come in handy when it comes to last minute gifts for friends and family. Just make some necklaces and earrings for presents rather than going to the mall. Consider this one of those creative dating ideasthat keeps on giving!
          Taking a scenic drive, maybe even venturing into areas you are unfamiliar with, is another nice way to enjoy each other's company. Especially on a nice summer day if you own or rent a convertible. Late night drives, to some good music, assuming you stay in safe neighborhoods, are also an interesting way to bond in the quiet of the early morning hours.
A horse-drawn carriage ride is a very romantic way to take in city or countryside scenery and landscapes. If you don't mind getting a little bit silly, pretend to be tourists in your own town. Find some historical walking or bus tours. You must remember to take a ridiculous amount of photos to show to your friends for laughs.
          Romance should not be forced and these creative dating ideas are some chilled-out natural ways to create memories that may last forever.

Lee Blackspur is the owner of which provides online and offline dating tips, advice and articles for men, women and teens of all ages and experience.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take advantage of things that fall into your lap.

Live your relationship!
         Have you ever had something happen that would cause you to do something on the spur of the moment.  You know like get free tickets to an event or get invited to an activity at the last minute?  As a couple how many times do you take advantage of those situations?  Most people would pass, with the feeling that it is to spontaneous to just drop everything and run off.  Well I am telling you that your relationship would love to do these things.  Think back to when you were in the early stages of your relationship how many of these things did you do?  Didn't they create lasting memories, that you cherish today?  As our relationship progresses we fall into a trap of the routine.  Get up got to work, come home, go to sleep.  Well your relationship wants you to break that habit and grab the gusto.  Next time the opportunity arrises to break out and do something on the spur of the moment, do it!  Don't think to hard about it and go grab your partner and together build a lasting memory.  You both will love it and your relationship will feel the adrenaline rush.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The best medicine.

The best prescription know to man/woman.
          The best medicine in the world is love.   You can eat chicken soup, take all the aspirin you want,  and numb the pain.  Nothing and I mean nothing works as well as a big hug or a kiss.  Love has magical powers that is one reason why people in a loving relationship live longer.  When you are loved you have support and that extra energy from your partner to carry you during down times.  You can't put that into a bowl of chicken soup and you can't get that feeling from any drug.  The power of love has healed many people over the years and it will continue to be the best thing for you when you are not feeling your best.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Put some sexy artwork on your walls.

Ty Wilson is one of my favorite artists.  
          I know what your thinking but I am not talking about porn.  There is a lot of artwork out there that will give you a sexy feel without being what some would call nasty.  You can find some wonderful works of art that are okay for your kids to see if you hang in your bedroom.  Take for instance the picture produced by Ty Wilson above.  It give the feeling of sexy without going past a certain point.   These soft images can go a long way to creating a mood or showing off how much passion is in your life.  Plus it is just a great piece of artwork.  

Monday, March 21, 2011

Shhh. don't speak just look into my eyes.

Don't speak, just love. 
Language is for non-lovers, those who are not in love. For lovers, silence is enough language. Without saying anything, they go on speaking. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is coming I promise.

Stretch towards the sunlight it is coming. 
          Sitting here inside on still another cold day in March, my mind wanders.   Thinking of those wonderful things that my love and I will do once it gets warmer.  Things like taking walks, sitting outside under the moon light, or even biking down trails.   We all have a bit of cabin fever right now as we are waiting for the true spring to arrive.  To help in that wait start making a list of all the amazing things you can do outside together once it gets warm.  Post it where you can see it and start watching the weather to pick out those warm days you can start doing some of the things on your list.   Your relationship is like a flower and it needs the sun to help it grow.  As a house plant learns towards the sun of the window so do you and your lover lean toward that light.