Saturday, March 5, 2011

When work gets in the way of your relationship.

Photo taken from Creative Commons.
          Most of the time our relationship is build around our work schedule.  Designed by us so we get the most out of our relationship working around our schedule.  Sometimes however work will creep up and foil our plans.  Maybe it is mandatory overtime, or a problem that demands your attention.  These things happen and we can get mad about them and stomp and curse our bosses and our companies for taking our precious and valuable relationship time away.  However, for starters most couples need the job that you are having to work.  You can look at it angry or you can see that this little road bump is showing you how important your relationship really is.  Sure it isn't going to be fun working when you could be with your family and partner.  It will show you the next time though how important it is to plan and experience all the time together you can.  So go do your work and return knowing your relationship can grow from this.  

Friday, March 4, 2011

Make your bed an altar.

Create a mood with your decorating.
           We all know that our bed is a special place for the two of you.  It is where you make love, lay and talk, maybe massage each other plus many many more things you do.  However why not make it more of an actual altar?  Add candles (flames ones work great for safety), special statues or flowers around it, or anything that makes you feel special and alive.  Make it a place that takes you away from your daily life.  Get mood music to play or scents to entice you.  However you do it make your bed a place for the two of you to get away.  It can be your little slice of heaven here on earth.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't be a Follower

It's okay not to be in a pack.
          One thing that can become disturbing in a relationship is when one partner is what I call a follower.  This person doesn't have the power to seek and find out things that they love.  They just find something someone else has passion for and jumps on the bandwagon.  Maybe it is because they feel safe because someone else is there to lead them and guide them or maybe it is because they want to fit in.  This holds so true for your relationship also just because one of you loves football doesn't mean the other one has to sit and watch all the games with you.  Religion is the same way maybe your partner is a christian and that is fine but you don't have to become christian just because your partner is.  March to the beat of your own drummer don't pick things that seem safe or others are doing unless it really feels right to you.  

          As I personally look inside myself I find that I am creating my own things.  As I search for believes I find that I am taking bits and pieces from several different areas and forging my own believe.  This is important not only in our relationship, but in our passion and desire.  So bring believes into your relationship that benefit you and they will help your partner understand it is okay for them to bring in their believes.  There is room for both in every relationship and if there is not room then is it really a relationship at all?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy way to improve your relationship.

A very simple thing you can do to improve your relationship is.

Admit when you are wrong.  Don't try to blame it on something else or someone else.  Just simply say, "I was wrong"

Monday, February 28, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love

           About a year ago my partner told me that her and a bunch of friends went as saw Eat, Pray, Love.  My initial reaction was one of excitement as I thought that it sounded like a chick flick and now I didn't have to see it.  However, my wife added that she wanted me to see it some time.  Well it took about a year but we finally rented the movie.  While it wasn't a movie that demanded your attention or made you fall on the floor laughing like the movies I normally watch.  It was a very heart felt movie, great for anyone that has ever struggled with finding themselves within their relationship of without any relationship at all.  If you have ever felt like you were caught up in your life that was spinning out of control this movie will hit home with you.  The best part of the movie is that it will show you what one person can do to make their life the experience they want.  So go Eat, Pray, Love the movie will give you plenty to think about and to love about.  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

OSHO's view on relationships

           "Intimacy with one woman or one man is better than having many superficial relationships. Love is not a seasonal flower, it takes years to grow. And only when it grows does it go beyond biology, and start having something of the spiritual in it. Just being with many women or many men will keep you superficial — entertained maybe, but superficial; occupied certainly, but that occupation is not going to help in inward growth. But a one-to-one relationship, a sustained relationship so that you can understand each other more closely, is tremendously beneficial" - OSHO