Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Morning Touch.

Touching is so romantic.
           Nothing says, "Good morning, I love you" more than a little touch.  Reaching across the bed to touch your partners chest or to slip your hand into the small of their back, speaks volumes.  What a way to wake, to your partners warms hands finding warmth on your body.  I am one of those people that believe touch is as important as air and water to our bodies.   It is so important in a relationship that you shouldn't even let your partner get out of bed without touching them somewhere.  Even if you are half asleep you can touch feet or  brush against their arm.  It is a simple thing that carries a lot of weight.  

Friday, February 25, 2011

What does this song mean to you?

What does this song mean to you?
          Here is a fun thing for the two of you to do.  Listen to a song then tell each other what it means to you.  Analyze it if you will and then share it with your partner.  See if you come up with similar things or if you feel totally different about the song.  Understand there are no right or wrong answers so don't get upset if your partners view doesn't match yours.  This is just a fun exercise is expressing feelings and communication.  Plus you can do this at home or on those long car rides.  Just turn up the volume listen and then express your feelings.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love Guru

Mike Myers as the Love Guru.
         If you want a light hearted movie that has an important message about love, then The Love Guru is what you are looking for.  Combining humor with a great message about how to love each other The Love Guru really hits the mark.  Yes it pokes a little fun at eastern ways and takes them to an almost silly level.  With that I feel like, unless we can laugh at ourselves we cannot laugh at anything.  So laugh it up and learn a little it might peak your curiosity about eastern ways and that isn't a bad thing.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday my Beloved.

Honor your love on birthdays.
          Today is a special day, it is my beloveds birthday.  I will honor her in many ways today, however it is truly me that is honored.  To be graced with her presence and love is an honor that I feel lifts my spirit and soul.  Think about that on your partners next birthday and as you honor them appreciate the honor that they bestow upon you.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

How will you tend your garden?

Photo from Creative Commons

"Your relationship is a plant, and the two of you are the gardeners who have to figure the best way to make it grow.  Will it blossom?  Will it wilt?  That depends on how well the two gardeners work together." - Rob

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Read a relationship improvement book.

Speaking Kind Words can improve your relationship no matter what state it is in. Pick up your copy by clicking here.  
            Maybe your relationship is in good standing and you love each other more than you have ever loved each other or another.  This is great and we are all glad for you, but it is not the time to become lazy with your relationship.  Nothing is permanent; therefore, relationships change and grow or they change and die.  I suggest about twice a year picking up a relationship help book. The worst that could happen is you get nothing from it.  However, what if you find one great idea to put into your relationship - or maybe two.  Now, not only is your relationship good, but it's getting better.  You are avoiding problems with a little preventative maintenance.   Throwing new ideas and interests into a relationship before things get boring is a wonderful plan to keep your love fresh and alive.  A relationship is a journey, and sometimes you have to be ready to change directions.  It is much easier to change directions before you have an emergency.  Consider your relationship as its own living breathing thing and take care of it that way.  Feed and water it and make sure to play with it lots and it will be a dear friend.