Saturday, February 19, 2011

Listen with more than your ears.

Photo from Creative Commons
            Sometimes we listen, but don't really absorb the information we are given.  You know how it works - you hear the words, but they become “blah blah blah” once you process them into your mind.  The words are there.  We hear them, but maybe because we are cooking supper or the kids are interrupting we don't hear the true meaning behind the words.  I want to suggest a time to listen.  Pick a time at the end of the day to share or discuss things that are important.  This way you have no interruptions and you can listen with not only your ears, but also your eyes, mind, and heart.   You can hear the true meaning of what is being said not just the words. You can feel how the words are spoken and the passion with them.   During this time put away your cell phone, turn off the computer, and take you iPod earbuds out of your ears.  The time has come to listen and only if you listen with your entire body will you understand the importance and the feeling behind what is being said.   Listening is more than just hearing it; it is understanding, feeling and sharing those words with your partner. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Together we are one.

          Today, I would like to introduce you to a new part of The Couples Spot.  Inward Oasis is a new faction of our process of becoming better individuals and thus becoming better couples.  I encourage you to take a peak at the Inward Oasis pages listed on the left and check out some of our articles and blog posts.  Inward Oasis helps us look inside to see that more that is in all of us.  If you feel that there is more to life then just going to work everyday coming home watching television then Inward Oasis might just be something that can help you out.  At Inward Oasis we want you to come learn with us and experience new and interesting things.  Yes this all goes into being a healthy and happy couple that is why we attaching the sites to each other.  We feel the connection is important to not only the individual but the couples also.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Share things

Sharing is caring.
           You can do so many different things to help out your relationship but sharing is one of those that helps in so many ways.   For example share a drink use the same cup.  Your lips are on each others all the time so why should it be so hard to share a drink?  This uses one less glass which means less dishes.  Less dishes to clean means less water wasted and that helps the environment.  You can do the same thing with plates or with bowls you use for popcorn watching movies.  Not only will this help all the things mentioned above but it will also help the two of you get closer.  You will have to sit closer to each other to share that glass, plate or bowl.  How many others ways can you think of to not only help the two of you get closer but to help you both help the environment and have less chores to do?  See this sharing thing is way more than it is cracked up to be.  Share you ideas with me and let us know how the two of you enjoy sharing together.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 Passionate Kisses

Photo from Creative Commons.
            Each day you and your lover is possible should share 5 passionate kisses.  You can spread them out through the day or you can save them all up for the evening.  No matter which way you want to share them make sure they are as passionate as they can be.  Doing this everyday will soon start your body to expect and let passion in more easily.  Pucker up and start putting a little more passion into your everyday.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Grapes to Raisins!

Raisins and Grapes both are Yummy.
         Most people love juicy grapes that are bold and full of flavor.  Yet grapes don't lose there flavor as they get older and wrinkled they are still just as juicy.  Maybe they get better with age.  How does that compare to relationships maybe our relationships don't lose anything with age?  Maybe the get better they might be a little less full and have a few more winkles but they are still just as juicy as ever.  Look around I am sure you can find some relationships near you that are still full of life even though the couple might be a little older.  If you find these couple tap into their secrets it might just help our your relationship as it ages also.  Never forget you are never to old to love and love is never to bold for the old.  

Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Money on Valentines Day?

Homemade Valentines Day card totally blow store bought ones out of the water.  
            Valentines Day is tomorrow and if you don't have any money to purchase your lover an amazing present your not out of luck.  There are many options to give to your love without spending any money.  You can give them a massage, make them a candle lit dinner, or write a love poem.  The ideas are as endless as your imagination.  Cater you present to your lover if they love art work paint them a picture, if they enjoy being intimate well then plan out an amazing intimate evening.  What ever you decide to do put as much effort and love into it as you can.  The fact it doesn't cost you anything shouldn't matter and the effort and love should make it the most amazing Valentines Day present ever.