Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to bridge the gap in your sex life.

Treat each other like a sacred god / goddess and true love will flow.
           I think everyone to some extent believes that sex is important to a good strong relationship.  It is something the two of you share that is special and brings you closer together then you get with just a handshake or a kiss.  Yet so many couples today try to make it a turn out the lights and get it over with chore.  It is time to slow down and enjoy this wonderful gift the two of you share.   Making love is the most passionate of dances and requires both partners to put effort into it for full enjoyment.  Start by making sure you have plenty of time for and extended period of intimacy before you start.  Spend time kissing and on foreplay don't just rush into the big ending.  Slowly build your way up to the climax.  Woman usually take a little longer then men to reach this point so put more focus on a female partner in this beginning phase.  Get books learn new techniques and try different positions and toys if you desire.  All this effort will lead to the most glorious intimacy you can have.  So stop just going through the motions and start treating your partner like a god / goddess.  

Friday, February 11, 2011

Get some plants around your house.

Tarzan didn't have much problem with his love life so maybe plants might help everyone out. 
           Plants are part of nature and nature is part of your relationship.   So why not get some plants into your bedroom.   The extra oxygen that they produce will help the air quality in your bedroom as well as chance the smell depending on the plants you choose.  You can create a very different setting with the plants you pick and even give your room a more exotic feel with these plants.   Soon you might even have start hearing jungle sounds and drums as you search the vegetation for your partner.  Well it might not go that far but it can be fun to roll play a little with it.  Get up and head out to your local nursery today and start your collection today.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Being Kids again.

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            Sometimes it is the simplest things that can bring you closer.  Doing something you did when you were kids acting silly or just plain throwing a little caution to the wind.  When is the last time the either of your went sledding?  Getting bundled up for just a few minutes of pure bliss and joy riding down the local hills on your sled.   Get a good sled the two of you can ride together and spend that minute of joy shooting down a snow covered hill with the wind in your face and most everything out of your control.   Hold on to each other and laugh as you sled comes to a crashing holt throwing snow all over the both of you.   Let your heart open and enjoy just pure bliss with your partner.  Now you can trudge up the hill again for another joy ride or spend the rest of the day inside sipping hot chocolate and holding hands.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hearing the voice of your love.

A great phone can be a huge blessing when away from home.

          When you have to be apart nothing is more soothing before you drift off to sleep then talking to your partner, you love, your spouse.   When you make plans for your trips make sure to adjust times to be able to say good night.  Maybe you might have to call once they are in bed  but have that understanding before and they will anxiously be waiting for the phone to wake them up to hear your voice.   If time differences are truly an obstacle then make times when you can call and leave a voice message for them to play right before bed time.  This works both ways so both of your get together and figure out the best time and way for you to say good night to each other.  It will be worth the effort. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sleep touch!

           Sleep touch is one of my favorite parts about being a couple.  The actual physical contacted between the two of you as you sleep is a magical elixir to keep your love strong.  It lets the energy coarse through both of you as you sleep and relax.  It keeps you close and lets you guard each other in the night.  Think of it as your lovers force field that covers the both of you as you sleep while touching.  You can spoon each other, hold hands or even rub your feet together which ever way works best for the both you.  You might get be able to enter each others dreams in this manner of sleep touch, or astral project with each other depending on your abilities and feelings.  

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The power of a couple far exceeds the power of the individual.

          My partner and I have done a lot of talking about the power of the couple recently.   While we both feel the power of the couple can be a super power we both agree that both individuals must have their  own power to bring into the combined power.  We don't feel you just become a couple and bam you are an energy super nova.   It is finding that power that fits together like a puzzle to create this super nova affect.   Once the two of you figure out the best way to work together that is when the amazing part starts working,  taking both your individual powers and putting them to work filling the universe with your desires.  So think about that next time you start something together and find how you both can work the best together and then watch your results you will be amazed.