Saturday, February 5, 2011

The cream always rises to the top

Who is your cream that rises to the top in times of need?
          You know I understand how they got this old statement "The cream always rises to the top" as when they made cream the good stuff floated to the top while the sour stuff remained at the bottom.  You really understand the metaphor of this statement when something goes bad.  You see the true colors of those that love you.  You see how they step up and go out of their way to help you out.   You really see how important you are to them.  You can see it just in the way they look at you.  So next time maybe your sick or something bad happens don't dwell in your own sorrows so much that you can't see the beauty of the love all around you.  Sometimes it is a great place to start rebuilding a relationship or just to see that love that you sometimes take for granted.  Your cream is always there you just have to look for it a little closer sometimes.  

Friday, February 4, 2011

Power Outages and love is the best medicine.

            Sorry for the lack of postings lately but our power went out for a couple of days.  Then a quick trip to take care of the flu I thought turned into a extended stay at a very expensive hotel call the hospital.  Quickly as I was poked and stuck with needles and hooked to many many machines to give readings, and vital signs something was missing.   An important area wasn't there to make me feel better.  My wife at that time was in California at a seminar for her masters degree program.  Upon hearing the news of my problems  she quickly got on the horn and changed the flight to get home earlier.  That first night was cold and lonely as I lay in the hospital and waited to hear news from doctors or nurses.  However all changes the next day when my wife arrived.  It was like sunshine filled the room as she walked in.  Don't get me wrong I wasn't totally cured as she walked through the door but I felt more comfortable and safer with her being there.  For all the things the hospital had given me during my time there to help me feel better none of them compared to that feeling of seeing my wife, holding her, feeling her touch.  I do have to say that love is the best medicine.  

Sunday, January 30, 2011

You can't fight all battles for you love.

Sometimes you just have to watch the battle and be ready with the towel and water bottle.
            Sometimes you have to sit back and be support for the wonderful partner in your life.  Maybe they are having a rough time at work, or trouble with a friend.  These are just areas that you can't step in on.  You have to let your partner take care of them on their own.  All you can do is listen and offer your advice.  However they are the one that has to deal with the situation.  Make sure they know you are there for them no matter how the outcome happens.  Good or bad knowing that you are there for them is a big plus in their corner.