Saturday, January 29, 2011

Status Symbols

Volunteering should never be for how good it makes you look.
          One thing that can help your relationship as much as anything is to get involved with something that you both have interest in.  For example helping the homeless, or working with special needs children.  This can give you both so much joy and happiness.  However you have to be dedicated to the cause.  So many people want to do things for the status it brings them.  They want to be able to through it out at parties like "Yes, last weekend I spend two hours at the homeless shelter handing out blankets, those people are so lucky to have me there"  This is what the two of you need to avoid this should be a quite pride that they two of you share.  Several well to do people want to help but just as a way of getting there name out there. When you do it as a couple you will feel a warmth come over both of you as you realize how truly blessed you are.  

Friday, January 28, 2011

When your away nothing beats a phone call.

Making a call is easy and says so much.
           When you are apart from each other sometimes it is hard to call.  Time zones are different and both of you have things still going on.  Texting works great as a quick, "HI I love you alternative"  however there is nothing like hearing you partner tell you that they love you.  Especially when they are many miles away.  So when you find yourself in this situation set up call times and stick to them.  Try to figure out the best time to speak to each other that doesn't interfere with your schedules.  Always make a back up plan for when something comes up so that you just don't leave your partner flat.  You can say well I will either call at 8pm or 11pm in case my meeting runs long.  This will also give you time to get excited over the call.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Biggest Fan

Don't get into this scene and start bashing your partner.  
          Are you your partners biggest fan?  If not you should be you should be excited with their achievements and express that to them.  Things like getting a raise or finishing school should be things you not only express your amazement over but to let them know how wonderful you think they are just because.  You can do things as easy as taking out the garbage with a warm thank you to making huge signs to congratulate each other for getting a promotion.  Don't stop with expressing your excitement with them spread it out to your friends and family about how wonderful your partner is.  Resist the temptation to bad mouth your partner when you are with your friends.  Make a pack to never say anything bad about your partner to anyone and when they talk bad about theirs then reinforce your views on how great your partner is.  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Use the same chair

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          Do the two of you like to be close?  Do you like to touch each other?  Well sitting in the same chair will help you enjoy both of those questions.  Snuggle up in a big lazy boy chair and watch a movie or talk and enjoy both being close and the touch that is so important in a relationship.  Make sure you both are comfy and take time to look into each others eyes or caress each others arms.  You will be amazed at how special that time will become.   

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Best Kisses.

A welcome home kiss is the best kind.  
          Here is a question for you, are the best kisses the ones you give each other when you part or the ones you give each other when you meet back up?  I think there are a lot of variables that go into this formula.  For starters I think the length of time you are apart has a lot to do with it.  It seems that both kisses are better when the time apart is extended.  For example a goodbye and hello kiss for work isn't near as passionate as one you give each other if your not going to see each other for a week.  Does a more passionate kiss help the time apart?  I don't know, can you store up the energy of a kiss?  I don't know that either.  However I know those goodbye and hello kisses at airports and bus stations seem much more enjoyable then the ones you see as people leave for work.  Today give your partner a shock and as they leave for or come home from work give them a kiss as if they were leaving or have come home from a month long journey.  That will give them a shock.  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Today make it simple.

A kiss can mean so many different things.  Don't let today's kisses leave any room for wonder.  
          Today is a great day just to do something simple.  All I want you to do today is put a little extra passion into each and every kiss you give each other.  No pecks, throw your lips together let them dance with each other, use your hands, look into each others eyes.  I hope you are getting the picture here.  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be an athletic supporter.

Support your partners interests and cheer for them wildly.
          Does your partner participate in a sport or hobby regularly.  Maybe they are on a softball team or attend yoga classes.  If so how much to you support there activity.  Do you ask them how they did when they return home?  Do you ever attend and cheer for them during their activity?  Do you understand their activity?  These are important questions to ask yourself.  It should be obvious that they enjoy their hobby but without stepping over the line, get involved.  Don't join their softball team but do go watch and cheer when they do well.  You don't have to attend yoga class with them but ask for some insight when they get home.  Heck ask them to show you a pose or two would be fine.  The important thing is to show they that they are important to you and what they enjoy interests you.  It's great if you can find something that you can enjoy together.  However, sometimes you have to just let them enjoy their passion and then let them share it with you via conversation or watching.