Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get your pictures out where you can see them.

Collages are great for helping you remember the good times.  
          We take pictures to remind of of fun time or special occasions that we have enjoyed.   Yet, we quickly tuck them away and usually hardly ever drag them out.  Well it is time to start putting those pictures into your eyesight.  You can get frames and hang them on the wall but soon your wall will look like a museum with all the frames and pictures.   If you have you pictures saved digitally you can get one of the cool digital frames to hang on the wall and shuffle through your photos.  You can even put a photo storage device into most newer televisions to view your pictures as a video show.  However this can get expensive.  You can always go for the old fashion way and make a collage of your photos in one big frame.  Which ever way you choose just make sure to get those memories out of the box and start getting them in your eyesight.  Soon you will relive all these great moments in your life over and over. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

The extra effort makes a huge difference.

Your relationship is a garden you need to tend to it often. 
          The extra effort you put into your relationship make a huge difference in the quality of your relationship.  If you put your relationship on a higher importance then you will soon find that it will start improving.  Instead of working your relationship into your time, work around your relationship.  Don't volunteer to do something on a night you have set as date night.  Don't invite friends over on a night you have planned to have some alone time with each other, and remember all the times you set together to do things.  These simple little steps will show a commitment to your relationship that will soon have it thriving and growing. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Celebrate something silly.

This display was because of someone getting a new pair of shoes. 

          Today is a great day to celebrate something silly in your relationship.  Did your partner get their hair cut, did you get paid today, or did you see the first flowers pop through the ground today?  What ever simple event you can think of make it a celebration.  Do something fun in honor of this event.  Go out to dinner and toast your partners new hair cut.  Run around the house making it a victory lap as you hold your paycheck in the air.  Make love to honor the renewal of the flowers popping up.  Be appreciative of all the little wonders there are in life and share them with the person you hold deeply in love.  These actions go a long way into keeping your relationship fresh and fun.  Plus I a pretty sure celebrations and silliness keep you healthy and make you live longer.  Try it out today.   Live life, love life and share it all.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Romance Your Style.

The Romeo and Juliet approach to romance doesn't work for everyone.  So read this before you jump into your tights.
          I think one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is to romantic without being yourself.  Sure being romantic calls for doing different things but you can't lose yourself in doing that.  If you funny and full of life you can't make your romance serious and calm.  For example if you are that funny person making a candle lit dinner with a violin player and dark lights just might not feel right.  For you or you partner in this case.  However dimming the lights making popcorn setting up the chairs like a movie theater and watching a romantic comedy might go a lot farther towards being romantic.  On the other side is your are a more serious person being silly and singing love songs outside your partners window might just seem a little creepy to them.  Trust your heart and if your partner really knows who you are they will love that the romance comes from inside of you.  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quote for Today.

"There is nothing more powerful then the intimacy between a couple that is truly in love.  Once you have the love first then passion comes like a tidal wave." - Rob Alex 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Put the new back in your relationship.

          We are all searching for ways to keep our relationship fresh and exciting.  We need new and exciting things in our bedrooms but we also just need them in our relationship.  People always talk about putting the spark back into their relationship and everyone assumes that it means into their sex life.  While the sex life is a good place to put the spark into, your everyday life is also a great place to put the spark into.  When is the last time the two of you tried anything different?  When is the last time you went to a different restaurant, or broke out of your comfort zone and got your adrenaline pumping together?  Do you do things on the spur of the moment or is everything planned out?  These are important questions to be asking each other.  Remember when you were dating and you had no idea what each other liked to do, what did you do then?  You tried different things to see what each other enjoyed.  Why not put that system back in place only finding things that you like together.  Take some classes, go on group tours, heck just go to a city you have never been before and explore their sites.  The important thing is that you do it together just like when you were dating.  Remember that feeling of not caring what you were doing but that you were doing it with this wonderful person.  Now get out there and add that spark into your relationship and I bet you it will creep into your bedroom also.  

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Adjust your relationship to your schedules.

          One thing that is hard for most couples is trying to balance their relationship with there schedule.  The crazy work schedules that are out there today make it tough for a couple to have a traditional relationship sometimes.  For example on of you might work the night shift while the other one is one days.  When these oddities happen you have to find a way to roll with it.  The important thing is to still make time for your relationship.  Maybe you have to have dates in during the day or on Sunday mornings.  You just have to make your relationship fit.  We have to work and make money to live but if you can't have a relationship around your work then something is wrong with your life.  I am not trying to tell anyone to quit their job in this economy because there are not many jobs out there.  What I am saying is think about how you can adjust your schedules to still be a couple with all the perks.