Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's not to late.

          You know today is the best day to start putting more effort into your relationship.  I don't care about the past and the future is yet to be.  All you can do is make the shift and start putting more focus on your relationship today.  Get out of your old habits.  Break away from those nagging issues that keep you locked in a state of denial.  Take responsibility for your actions.  Show your partner the respect they deserve and the passion that you can share.  Today is the day take that step be the man/woman you really want to be.  Remember it is never to late.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sending you signals.

          Lovers have a way of communicating that is as futuristic as you can get.  Simple nods or eye movements can express there sentiments to each other as if they were mind readers.  Think about a time when the two of you were at a place that neither one of you want to be.  Maybe a family function or a boring party and with just a movement of your eyes towards the door you could sense you partner was ready to leave.  What about that little look your lover gives you when they want you to carry them off to the bedroom to make love.  Then their is that strained look you give opening your eyes wide that says come save me from this boring person you are talking to.  What about those looks from across the room that only the two of you pick up on.  Yes lovers have their own special language besides using their eyes they can use words that they change the mean on to express feelings to each other.  I am sure you have code words in your relationship.   Sometimes the two of you plan them out while other times they just pop up and you both know what exactly they mean.  For example, "We better get in bed early tonight because I have to get up early" might mean "I would really like to make love to you" or "Look at the time we told the sitter we would be back early" could mean "This function is super boring, time to leave"  As lovers you just start doing these things picking them up as you love grow.  You get them from movies, or daily life and soon you have a whole array of them at your disposal.  

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breath in your partner.

           You partner has an essence and you can breath it in and take it in yourself.  Next time you partner is sitting down walk up to them and breath in on the crown of their head.  Enjoy the smell, but more than that breath them in.  Using the chakra on the top of the head you can breath in their essence that usually is sent into the heavens.  Make this a regular practice and you might just find it helps you connect with your partner.  You will start to feel their essences as it enters your body and mixes with yours it truly is a magical act. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Be your coupleself.

          Yes I know that coupleself is not a word but you do have a  presence as a couple.  You relationship has it own live in the way you interact with each other and they way others view you.  Think about couples you know.  I know a couple that seem to fight all the time yet are as happy as larks in their marriage.  I am sure you know the couple that can't keep their hands off each other and are happy to share it in frond of everyone.  What about the couple that don't seem to be a couple at all.  The problem arrises when you start trying to be a certain couple, when you try to fit a mold or act a certain way to fit in.  You have to let what is at home out for the world to see if you only let your comfort and love out at home then you are keeping the spirit of your coupleself locked away.  The love you have for each other is special and it needs to be shared with the world.  Kids need to see happy couples and they way they interact.  They need to see adults holding hands and being happy together.  They see so much of the negative things that they think it is normal.  Next time you want to shy away from being yourself and letting you love show for each other think again.  Their might be a child watching, it might even be yours, that needs to see that love is possible and it can be fun and exciting even when you get older.   Let your coupleself breath and share it with the world.  The world is  hungry for it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meditate Together.

          As we strive to get closer and enjoy our relationship more we need to look for deeper ways to connect.  Meditation is one of those ways.  Meditating together as a couple is a little different then meditating as an individual.  I have some specific ways that I feel help grow the connection between two lovers.  The first one is to meditate together by lying on your bed.  Just plop down and together enjoy the silence the stillness and when you feel relaxed reach out and gentle put your hand on your partner.  It doesn't matter where but connect with your partner and share their relaxation and stillness also.  Try to blend your breathing and send your energy into them and vice versa.  The other meditation I like to partake in is combining of the breath.  In this meditation the lighter partner sits in the other one's lap wrapping their legs around their waist.  You close your eyes and rotate breathing or sharing your breath.  The first partner breaths and the other inhales the essence then as the other partner exhales the first partner takes in their breath.  Close your eyes and feel the exchange of energy through your breath.  When you finally open your eyes to each other the connection will be strong and the energy of your love will be evident.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

The couple in tune

          Have you ever been out and just felt like looked at your cell phone as it rings and it is your partner calling.  Do you ever get that funny feeling like something is going on and when you arrive home you find out something really did happen.  Does you intimacy feel more powerful then just the act of love making itself. If you have these things happen to you it might just be because your relationship in tune then you might think.  I believe that there is a special connection when to partners have the magical bond we call love.  I think it goes much deeper than just having strong feelings and caring about one another.  I think it is a movement in a combination of your energies that takes on cosmic proportions.  When a couple has this connection they should honor and cherish it.  Their relationship become more then just a union and it takes on it's own identity.  You have both partners as individuals and then you have a third element which is the combined energy of the couple working together.  Those of you that have this special bond know what I am talking about and this week I am going to focus on this topic.  So stay tuned.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The growing couple.

          Your relationship is like a wonderful and joyful plant.  When it is young you let the roots take hold of the ground and you begin to nourish it.  Soon it starts to bloom.  It grows in random ways and stretches to reach the warmth.  You have to continue to feed and nurture it as it continues to grow.  For if you leave it unattended it will start to wither and die.  If you are vigilante and careful with it soon you will start to see flowers or the fruits of your passion.  Get your watering can out today and start taking care of your relationship.  Fertilize it with romance and passion and be proud of your garden of love.