Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wake up early spend more time together.

          Want a way to spend more time together?  Don't sleep in as much on the weekends simple as that.  Start you day earlier and you will have much more time together.  Get up take a shower as soon as you get up and start you day you will be amazed at how much more time it will seem like you have together.  We all need sleep but there something special about committing to improving your time together.  Don't over do it by getting up at 3am but instead of sleeping until 9am on the weekends wake up at 8am that give you a whole extra hour together.  Peace and love to you.  

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pack a lunch with love.

           Does you partner take their lunch to work.  It is a not so glamours way of getting the food you need.  So why not spice you partners lunch up a little by either taking the time to pack a wonderful meal for them or just slipping a little love into their lunch box.  Things like notes that say I love you, or their favorite granola bar show how much you care about your lunch taking partner.  You can even make it a little more exciting by slipping a sexy note into the lunch box telling them of wonderful things you are going to do to them later.  This is just one small way to show how much you love your partner.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What makes your partner look sexy in your eyes?

           What makes your partner look sexy to you?  Is it their actual appearance or is it an action they are taking.  I hope you all are attracted to your partners looks but the deeper things that turn you on are probably their actions.  Maybe it is the way they walk across the room, the way the dry their hair in the morning, or it can even be the way they read books to your children.  Watch for these little images that really make you take notice of why you feel in love with this person in the first place.  Then act on these impulses.  Next time your parter turns you on as they are lifting weights tell them that later you would love to feel there muscles as they throw you into bed.  Maybe you tell you partner to drop their towel and join you in bed as they exit a hot steamy shower.  An important part of any relationship is the knowledge that your still turn your partner on.  So, make sure you express that to your partner whenever you can.  This action will benefit the both of you.  

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Laugh together and everything is better.

         One thing that can bring a couple closer to each other is laughter.  For when you laugh with someone you have a special connection one of a friendship that is a great asset to a relationship.  If you are all the time serious within your relationship it soon will become a place that doesn't feel good.  So let your hair down watch a stupidly funny movie or just act crazy around the house see how easy it is to laugh together.  You might just find out it leads to a happy and healthy relationship.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Check out a new website Inward Oasis.

Check out this new website dedicated to helping couples get in touch with their spiritual side.
Not many sites tackle this issue with the couple in mind.  It is worth checking out. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Waking and touching

         Which ever one of you has to get up first must take this step to begin each day.  It is a simple one that requires not much thought but means so much.  Gentle before you remove yourself from your bed reach out and touch your love.  Pretty simple huh.  Don't roust them but just give them a quick caress that says, "I wish I could lay here longer with you, I love you"  then vanquish yourself off to get ready.  You will be amazed at what it can do for the both of you.  The simple sensation of a touch can bring so much joy to your life, so touch it up!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Power of your New Year Resolution

          Your New Years Resolutions should be in full swing right now, this second day of the year.  Most people are gungho at first to start whatever it is they promised themselves to do this year.  Be it weight loss, stop smoking, stop drinking, or even to spend more time with you love most are working at it hard on this day.  However in a couple of more days things start to slide off as the resolution gets pushed back out of the way.  To make sure you stay focused make a resolution together so you can both help each other stay on track.  Be the support team for each other and smack some hands as your partner reaches for a piece of cake, or help your partner out by flushing their booze down the toilet.  Make signs and put them up to help remind the two of you what your resolution you made and to stick with them.   You might just find out that love is a great help in keeping these resolutions.