Thursday, September 8, 2011



Time - does it really move faster or slower at times?

Have you ever been doing something fun and exciting and then suddenly you look at the clock only to realize far more time has passed than you realized? On the other hand, have you even been somewhere that is extremely boring? Time seems to drag there. It seems like the clock slows down.
In this physical world we believe that time doesn't speed up or slow down. But, does it? Could time actually speed up when we are having fun or slow down when we are not having fun? This poses an interesting question. How do we actually know? Some people believe that time doesn’t really exist at all.

Here is something to ponder. If one person is having fun and time speeds up for him, and at the same exact time someone else experiencing boredom and time is slowing down for her, what happens when they meet? Are they on different planes and not notice each other at all as they pass? Or, is it a form of time travel, and they actually find themselves at the same place just at different times in space? The answer might never be known or it might not even exist if time doesn't exist. Only time will tell.

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