Saturday, September 10, 2011


Strength has so many forms. We typically think of strength as being physically stronger than another person. Yet there are so many ways to be strong. Strength can be the alcoholic saying no to a drink, a battered wife having the courage to leave a relationship or the confidence to stand up and state your opinion when it goes against everyone else's. Strength comes from the inside—be it physical or not. What spurs the person on when he has nothing or makes her get up after being knocked down by life? Strength can be compassion and the ability to care when no one else does or the vision to look deeper into a situation to see the real problem. Sometimes the weakest person physically can have amazing strength in the form of courage to lead a nation. Don't look at the size of the muscles on the outside when you try to measure strength. Look into the heart and see one’s desire and courage.

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