Friday, August 19, 2011

Splurge on towels

One luxury you have to experience in this lifetime is big fluffy towels.  Nothing is more appealing both in sensation and vision then a beautiful person wrapping up in a huge fluffy towel after a hot shower.  Honor yourself and your partner by spending a little extra on your towels.  Avoid skimping on towels and every time you get out of the shower you will be thankful you did.  Do you want your partner to get out of the shower and wrap just any piece of cloth around them?  A big fluffy towel awaiting them outside the shower is a great mood enhancer, and who knows where that might lead.  Admit it the thought of your partner wrapped up in a towel their body still damp from the shower, is a turn on!  Good towels will last longer also if you want to look at it from a economical position.  I prefer to look at my partner pampered in the luxury of a warm, fluffy towel.

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