Sunday, August 14, 2011

Release the Wound

Have you ever been in the doghouse? Someone is really upset with you. Maybe your darker side came out. Maybe you had no intention of upsetting or hurting another, but it happened anyway. Whether or not this situation can be fixed may not be the issue. Sometimes we have things that we have done that seem forever ingrained in us. They wound us even though we brought this pain to ourselves. These memories stick with us for days, weeks – sometimes even years to come. How can you heal that wound or lighten the scar?

Making amends with the one you hurt may or may not help heal your wound, but there are ways of releasing your pain. One option is that you can write a letter expressing your sincere regret and/or apology. You do not have to send the letter unless you feel that is best. Actually, you can write the letter then burn it – releasing the pain symbolically. You can pour your deepest emotion into the letter allowing it to flow away from you. If you choose to send the letter to someone, you can request that he/she not respond to it – just accept it for what it is. If you choose to burn the letter, you can create a ceremony out of this. Perhaps, you can do this at night with no light other than the flames consuming your letter. When the fire is gone your pain has fully been released. You may also consider creating a circle of stones large enough for you to sit inside as well as build a small fire within. When the fire has died and you leave the circle, you leave the pain behind. If you are unable to burn the letter, you could tear it into tiny bits and then scatter the confetti-like pieces (cup them in your hands and blow them away from you).

*A word of caution – remember that fire is dangerous. Please take all safety precautions

Photo by Nina Matthews Photography

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